[Guide] How do I get the fastest support?

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  • How do I get the fastest support?

    Presumably, some of you have noticed that a support request takes a little longer now and then - how YOU get your problems solved a lot faster, you'll find out here.

    This guide is really applicable to 90% of the problems and it does not matter if you write a support ticket or contact the staff team in the forum, so do not be shy and read them.

    Important: If you did not receive an automatic confirmation email from support, then your ticket has not arrived or has not been sent. Please write it again.

    Is there some "basic data" I always have to specify?

    The first correct step you take is when you send us the following data:

    • Account Name
    • Character Name
    • Your Problem (sounds funny, but believe us...)

    Can I behave a particular way so that my request will be answered faster?

    I have a problem in the game - what do you need to know?

    A quest is misbehaving!

    I have a problem with my account.

    I want to report a player.

    I have a payment problem.

    In conclusion, it is like in real life with the support and the GM team - friendliness gets you where you want. Your inquiries are not answered by machines - there are real people sitting there. If you ask for help and wish them everything bad, tell them to succumb to various diseases ... that's not the best way to treat each other. (shrug)

    Yes, there are things that make you feel sick. You can also get angry - that's absolutely human. But please always keep in mind: These are people who do their job and who also WANT to help you. We are not your enemy who wishes you evil - we want to help you and we do it, if we are able to.