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  • Catarix

    Posted the thread Dragon's Prophet Download.

    Dragon's Prophet Download

    DP-Player / DP-Spieler / Joueur de DP

    If you are a returning Dragon's Prophet player, you will first need to migrate your old account on your account page!

    Wenn du ein zurückkehrender Dragon's Prophet Spieler bist, musst du…
  • Scylla

    Replied to the thread Pimp your GM.
    As a lot of questions arose regarding the rules, we decided to add a few explanations here:

    1. You need to create 3 Costumes for female Characters, but that doesn't mean male characters are excluded from the contest ;) even if your Main should be male,…
  • Zeni

    Replied to the thread Sanctuary.
    We have new management now, we are progressing, ever more, ever more!
    Lots of room to grow for active players.
    Most pointful guild.
    Come join!
    Toot your flutes in Sanctuary's Sanctuary.
    Battle bosses for glory.
    We will help you to the end game.

    ...I think…
  • WarlordMage

    Looking For Friends /w Eggs :) Post your name please or contact / friend me ingame. :)

    I.E. Mikinator
  • Catarix


    Let us awaken the Halloween mood!

    A wonderful time right? Shining pumpkins everywhere, everything is decorated to be super spooky and all the women wear short costumes (hehe).

    What would Halloween be without an awesome party? Nothing! That’s why we…