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    I appreciate the effort, but the Armor-Skin-Thread was already posted here in the Tab of "Old Dragon's Prophet guides". Sure, the old DP-Forum version was shut down but it was repostet here already 5 months ago...

    [Guide] Armor Skins

    Well, we don't know where the exploit exactly is. If it was the wheel itself it shouldn't pose that much of a problem, but if it was the way of gaining Kindred Insignia that can somehow be exploited it would change things. Because of more content in DP there's a chance that there exists an exploit in DP, that isn't just implemented in SH yet. And until this thing is found or the needed zone/content is added to SH, the compass can stay there whilst they're still working on a solution for DP (and later SH versions).

    But after all, that's just a theory that probably won't get confirmed or dissolved since the communication here is rather slow when talking about actual issues. Working or not, we don't need to know more...

    Little Tip: If you found a chest through antiquary books take a screenshot of the location, so you can find these spots again for future chest. And Seal is pretty useless atm, I think you only need one to start the upgrade-quest... So either discard it or just keep it in the bank...

    There are different kinds of scenarios that have to be met for spawning a treasure chest. The ones with locations available at the antiquitary are triggered by leaving the chest spawning radius and re-entering it. This can be done by running back and forth or simply by jumping on a spot, but chances of finding chests through jumping are smaller since you're covering a smaller area.

    The chests Aykalia ment can spawn after glowing mobs have been killed. This is completely random and there's more effort than actual worth. Some of these chests spawn in Laedis in the Plague Marsh since the NPC-Guards are fighting everything there. If you look there every few days there should be 3 or 4 chests just standing around (if no one else checked)

    Just re-read what i was told about it and yeah i think Red Feet might be a term used for all classes.

    Yep, it's used for all classes, Red feet remove any movement restriction and is considered a bug/glitch (I think people already got banned for using it). It's called that because the feet of the player using it are glowing red...

    Devs won't be reading this since they are in Taiwan and not really interested in further developement of the game. Bigger changes like the ones you want won't be easy to achieve since the publisher here needs to convince the developers to actually do something in that size...

    The last times the skills were changed was back in 2014 (or 2013, not sure there) since then nothing happened...

    The chests have different positions where they can spawn. At the antiquary in Laedis you can find books which give a hint on chest locations. That's where the location list comes to play. If it says there are 2 positions in the Parsing Woods where a chest can spawn, you only have to check these two places after a book tells you that there's a chest (if you happen to already know these spots).

    From my experience there are some people with actual spawning-lists and locations paired with images, but these were quite a lot of work in searching for those spots and won't be given to anyone that easily...

    They do drop, but it all depends on luck. And I'm not sure if Lootbuffs even work here since Treasure Hunt Items are special drops.

    I'm currently farming Severite too:

    1. Puretia, currently at 33h constant farming without drop

    2. Korhala, around 6h till drop

    3. Alentia, was lucky, drop after 15 minutes

    4. would say around 1 1/2 hours till the first fragment dropped

    This treasure hunt normally is done once for the title, some do it more often for 1-hand-sword skin. It's not a treasure hunt that's really suitable for farming efficiently

    What's about "Curse of Exhaustion" or "Erschöpfungsfluch" (in german), the Dragon Soul Skill which stuns an enemy for 2 seconds with no antistun working against it? Is this one allowed or forbidden aswell?

    There are three times a day when islands open up, these are at 20:00, 21:00 and 22:00 CET.

    Every Island is open for 2 hours. In this time you can try to capture fortresses with your alliance to get the island or just farm Tactical points for different rewards.

    If you farm 0-499 Tactical points, you'll get only a bit of gold and nothing else.

    If you farm 500-999 Tactical points, you'll get 100 Dragon Insignia and a bit higher amount of Gold

    If you farm more than 1000 Tactical points you'll get 3 resonating Dragon flutes and 100k Gold.

    Additionally, you can collect Snowdrift-Crystals. These need to be spent at the spawning platform or at a stronghold of your guild to do anything. You can get three rewards out of them

    A title for collecting exactly 50 Crystals and offering them (can be done once)

    A title for collecting 101 Crystals and offering them (can also only be done once)

    - You'll also get 1000 Vanquisher Insignia for offering 101 Crystals, that reward can be obtained any time you like.

    But keep in mind, Territory war is PvP, so expect to be attacked by other players you might encounter on the Island you're on...

    Overall question to the Forum points: How are points lost again? I mean, Aykalia here was definitly over 1k points and now he only has 958 left... Are they decaying or something like that? Removed for closed threads?

    Since there are different ranks here that may be achieved something like that would be nice to know...