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    I know how profit works. And yes, since the game is running still, it's still profitable.

    I don't know the finance apartment, but I've known my fair share of gamigo/infernum folk and just general knowledge of being around.

    There is no way dp and sh would be profitable to allow it. I doubt the game has more than 200 active players.

    There wouldn't be just the cost of buying the rights, they would have to hire coders (that gotta learn runewakers code, and likely asian), they gotta hire artists to draw out ideas, hire the 3d modelers that know how to use certain programs and fit the dp style. Then it has to all get tested, which may or may not take people hired and under nda.

    And so much more. You don't have to be a genius to see gamigo isn't that type of publisher too.

    Your answer sounds german to me, as in:

    "Better don't even try, because it could cause problems, eventhough we don't know if it really does"


    It's called common sense.

    This is a Company, and unless it's a big well known Company with a well running game, you shouldn't expect this.

    The game wouldn't earn enough money to even make this possible, volunteers wouldn't be a thing either.

    A Company usually doesn't "try" with these sort of things. No matter how much ildruin may love the game. It's still all a matter of income. You're not gonna bet on a dying horse in the race.

    This could probably cause quite a few issues.

    1. What if gamigo doesn't have game developers?

    2. if they do, then they gotta learn the code, and a big part of the inside is likely written in Asian.

    3. I hardly ever heard of gamigo before they took over dp. Even if it's better than no new content, I'm not super confident they have experienced game developers. (No offense you guys).

    5. Imagine if they do or don't, they have to get paid for the work they do. Work that gamigo likely won't wanna invest in cause dp doesn't bring up enough money.

    Well they never specified that your amount of rubies would decrease, they would get transfer over. So at the very least you should get back what you already had. Giving you back less after losing them to a bug would cause a shitstorm no matter the system changes.

    Im neither a CM and GM, but since ive been playing a while and sorta know how things roll. Maybe it can be of use..


    1. Is Runewaker actively working on the game, thus will there be Upgrades and Patches once Sitheran has been reached

    Its been proven in the files that stuff actually IS worked on. The new appartments did not work in DP. They shown up to be existing and to be working on them, but they never worked in DP, yet here we are. Regarding the new zone, there been changes in DP's files for it, and SH's files for it.

    No clue how long it'll take, but there is some lunchbreak work on it I guess.


    2. Currently there aren't many players actually playing this game, but they rather stay at DP for the time being. Are there any plans, that SH will replace DP at all

    This has been answered, they wanna keep up both games. However, if you think logically, if they give DP future content that SH will have, there will be 0 point in playing SH at all.


    3. If the playerbase remains below expectance, what are the plans? Will the Game be shut down again within a few month, making my invested money/time be of no value?

    This is always a risk you take when spending time and money on a game. Though, I doubt they shut down SH anytime soon. Gamigo seems to have a talent for keeping barely working games working with as little people as they have in the community.


    4. DP has been a fantastic game and yet it never achieved any hype, games such as Aion, Rappelz, Tera have always been more populated. What are the chances of SH making the cut

    None. The concept is great, but for MMO games these days, DP needs a HUGE rehaul for it to be popular. It does not run well enough by far to compete, the PvP is lacking, and graphics are a huuuuge issue in 2018.


    5. I'm not too worried about the Pay2Win aspect of the game, yet why am i forced to team with others, just to get my hands on Dungeon Equipment Materials? I'm aware this is a MMO, but the times i play, are the really really early morning hours (due to work). Is my money/time less valueable, than money from primetime Players? (I'm aware that i can farm Gold, but the Auctionhouse is close to dead and once there are mats, they cost a fortune and make one Equipment piece cost 2 Million+, thus the set being at min. 12!!!!!! Million, not inclunding weapon and accessories)

    They need to work on this stuff, ingame money seemed to be an issue, but with as little people as there are, the market wont grow. However an MMO is an MMO. Some go for full soloable gameplay, some go for Group content. DP likes the group content. Sort of. Till we get a few more caps.

    You'll want to kill things. PE's I believe dont give EXP to your dragon, but killing will. Specifically mobs around your level, so it would be more beneficial to run hardmode dungeons for the XP. It also doesnt work as fast as you might think. You're gonna have to do a crapton of grinding for it to be beneficial. But if its your ''main'' dragon, you'll get a bunch just by leveling yourself up.

    Itd be easier to make it level skills and such through the lair manager.

    I dont really play DP anymore, but you can definitly message me or drop in my discord if you want!

    Housing in DP is kind of weird compared to other games, cause you'd have to rebuy and rebuild it if it runs out. Most games Ive played dont have this. Luckily, keeping the appartments isnt that expensive, you throw in a couple of 100K or a million and honestly youre good to go for a while.

    Alaylia, What happens to house and more importantly it's content if rent doesnt get paid? ie. I go on computer vacation beyond the time of my payments

    You'd just have to pay for your appartment again (not the secret appartment), put in new rent and put down all your furniture again. Nothing happens to your stuff, it just goes back into the furniture backpack thingie and secret appartments itself are permanent, you just gotta reactivate it.

    This has long been an issue, even in DP. I have spoken with Ildruin about it. I am talking about alienating a large part of your audience. In a NA based game with the same problems, I would be standing up for all of you in EUR right now. I do not expect special treatment. I am asking for fair treatment. And when I posted my very first reply on this topic I knew all those players who got to purchase one of these apartments would defend it like crazy, cause they had no other competition. This isn't only about the apartments, its about Simon Says GM event, Missing Brimstone GM event, or Valentines Day Weddings, or so many fun events that half the world doesn't get to attend or even have a chance in. Thats ok, there are other games. I have loved DP since it was released. And realistically SH has hardly any active yes, alienate half of them and push them away. Don't worry, I know you won't miss me. But you sure as hell are going to notice a game with less actives, and one you are spending money on that won't be able to sustain itself long term because it is pushing away players because of high marketplace prices (huge issue!) and the"local only"mentality that it caters to. Any game that I invest in, I want to keep it alive for a long time. I will be be moving on with my time and my money now.

    I've said this again and again. They can't do much else. Have you looked at the time zone difference between us? It's unreasonable to request them to be online at hours that fit you.

    20.00 is already beyond their paid time. Everything else is overwork cause they love the game. Now you want them to stay up till 1am ish on a workday. The day after they have to get up again at 6-ish. Would you do that without getting paid for it?

    If you join an EU game, you expect issues like high ping. This is one of those issues you're gonna face if you play on an EU game. It doesn't matter how many of you are here then.

    And you may say we defend it furiously, heck maybe even come of as alienating you guys, but it's a frustrating topic. Like you said. This gets brought up again and again, it's not gonna change. They can't.

    FYI I didn't buy it either.

    I have not been suggesting or even asking for events to be suited only for NA players. What I am saying is they ARE suited ONLY for EUR players. And There are many other players who contribute to this game. Maybe 24 hours notice so all could have prepared for the sale of 20 apartments? But you know what...what the many people have walked away from this game already....If german players can support it on their own, then do that. Have fun!

    The notice? I fully agree on, Gamigo seem to do a great job on slackin on that *Stares at Ildruin* Very often though, events DO get announced quite a head of time. This once, not so much. But this still was teased really early, and the news definitly has been posted on multiple platforms. So it honestly on you this time, was it short on time? Somewhat, but whats stopping you from tabbing into discord or forums for 3 seconds?

    I also have to tell you again, EU =/= Germany. We actually have a ton of coutries here, which all support it. EU has a lot of people in the same time-zone or 1-2 hours off. Which honestly is workeable.. They just cant put it later than they already do.

    Since too lazy to quote you.. and this is gonna be offend people, I can garantuee this.

    Gamigo is a Europe publisher, and I'll keep saying this. That means, besides the language barriers you mentioned, everything will be according to these times. This has never been a secret.

    You even mentioned, if you would have known you wouldve been there, so you'd either had to set your alarm or be home (which is quite unlikely, cause 20.00 CET is even on american time not in the morning. That is 2 PM as far as im aware. Which yes, workers and college people will likely miss it. But I'm gonna be repeating this, Gamigo is a EUROPEAN publisher. The whole ''focus'' is on EU according to their work times, and heck, likely even their papers.

    Im not gonna say you're wrong, but I will half do it. German speakers go to german server, french speaking ones go to French (which doesnt even mean just french folk, Im quite sure you got canadians there, and English is a mix cause its the language most people speak, itll be the first server non-english will pick cause there is nothing else. This is just cause of prefference.

    Why would the english server have their time adjusted to NA people? This is a EU publisher, and while there is no NA publisher and they play with us, its rather hard for them to exactly abondon EU players for their sake.

    20.00 cet is what, 2 pm in the afternoon? Its a reasonable time to actually get best for both. If we would wait for NA times, our CM's and EU players would have to stay up well past midnight on weekdays. 19.30 is what, 1 AM?


    They CANT do NA stuff. Im quite sure targetting NA players alone would already be risky in paperwork. EU players would miss it, Their work hours dont allow it. They already take hours thats best for their company, and would give both time. There been plenty of places this news been posted.


    People who keep German hours are most likely playing on the German server because they are IN Germany or the surrounding countries. The ENGLISH server has players from all the rest of the countries that do not speak German or French.

    ALso I had to add this, I mean I very much hope you are infact aware, unlike America...

    You know... French and Germany is like... right next to each other, right? I mean outside of 1 country. You can ride there in barely 3 hours... Which makes the argument ''And surrounding countries'' rather invalid.. cause you know, everything in EU is surrounding each other... even the UK??

    Misty Shroud blueprints sold out!!!??????? Whaaaat????? We had no prior notice that there would be a limited item going up for sale, and you did maintenance and they sold out while I was at work. I am mad. Thats crap. If I would have known that only 20 were going to be available after maintenance, I would have made sure I was sitting right here at my pc when the server came back up. Now because I have a real job, so that I can spend lots of money in game, I miss out on something really cool. Not happy. I am not waiting a year for them to come out again. Yeah, things like this are what make people walk away..... I sure feel like doing so right at this moment. I better take a break to cool down. Maybe I will be back tomorrow....

    I mean there was a notice on the thread which was posted 12 hours ago. Which was also quite a few hours before the preorders shouldve gone live. The pre-order should've gone live at 20.00 CET, right now its 22.37 CET, which is a good 2.5 hours after it. So that 12 hours is quite a time before it actually went up.

    The thread here: [Preorder] Secret Apartments also stated that its limited by 20. And if we wanna go even further, youre also in my discord which tagged the Savage hunt people with the news.

    The appartments will be back too, its not like you missed out the only chance to get them, just gotta do the horrible waiting :(

    Besides all the questions, can we just appreciate that after so long of the files existing, and us asking for multiple house slots...

    We finally get it, and holy poopy, is it gorgeous.