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    This has long been an issue, even in DP. I have spoken with Ildruin about it. I am talking about alienating a large part of your audience. In a NA based game with the same problems, I would be standing up for all of you in EUR right now. I do not expect special treatment. I am asking for fair treatment. And when I posted my very first reply on this topic I knew all those players who got to purchase one of these apartments would defend it like crazy, cause they had no other competition. This isn't only about the apartments, its about Simon Says GM event, Missing Brimstone GM event, or Valentines Day Weddings, or so many fun events that half the world doesn't get to attend or even have a chance in. Thats ok, there are other games. I have loved DP since it was released. And realistically SH has hardly any active yes, alienate half of them and push them away. Don't worry, I know you won't miss me. But you sure as hell are going to notice a game with less actives, and one you are spending money on that won't be able to sustain itself long term because it is pushing away players because of high marketplace prices (huge issue!) and the"local only"mentality that it caters to. Any game that I invest in, I want to keep it alive for a long time. I will be be moving on with my time and my money now.

    I've said this again and again. They can't do much else. Have you looked at the time zone difference between us? It's unreasonable to request them to be online at hours that fit you.

    20.00 is already beyond their paid time. Everything else is overwork cause they love the game. Now you want them to stay up till 1am ish on a workday. The day after they have to get up again at 6-ish. Would you do that without getting paid for it?

    If you join an EU game, you expect issues like high ping. This is one of those issues you're gonna face if you play on an EU game. It doesn't matter how many of you are here then.

    And you may say we defend it furiously, heck maybe even come of as alienating you guys, but it's a frustrating topic. Like you said. This gets brought up again and again, it's not gonna change. They can't.

    FYI I didn't buy it either.

    I have not been suggesting or even asking for events to be suited only for NA players. What I am saying is they ARE suited ONLY for EUR players. And There are many other players who contribute to this game. Maybe 24 hours notice so all could have prepared for the sale of 20 apartments? But you know what...what the many people have walked away from this game already....If german players can support it on their own, then do that. Have fun!

    The notice? I fully agree on, Gamigo seem to do a great job on slackin on that *Stares at Ildruin* Very often though, events DO get announced quite a head of time. This once, not so much. But this still was teased really early, and the news definitly has been posted on multiple platforms. So it honestly on you this time, was it short on time? Somewhat, but whats stopping you from tabbing into discord or forums for 3 seconds?

    I also have to tell you again, EU =/= Germany. We actually have a ton of coutries here, which all support it. EU has a lot of people in the same time-zone or 1-2 hours off. Which honestly is workeable.. They just cant put it later than they already do.

    Since too lazy to quote you.. and this is gonna be offend people, I can garantuee this.

    Gamigo is a Europe publisher, and I'll keep saying this. That means, besides the language barriers you mentioned, everything will be according to these times. This has never been a secret.

    You even mentioned, if you would have known you wouldve been there, so you'd either had to set your alarm or be home (which is quite unlikely, cause 20.00 CET is even on american time not in the morning. That is 2 PM as far as im aware. Which yes, workers and college people will likely miss it. But I'm gonna be repeating this, Gamigo is a EUROPEAN publisher. The whole ''focus'' is on EU according to their work times, and heck, likely even their papers.

    Im not gonna say you're wrong, but I will half do it. German speakers go to german server, french speaking ones go to French (which doesnt even mean just french folk, Im quite sure you got canadians there, and English is a mix cause its the language most people speak, itll be the first server non-english will pick cause there is nothing else. This is just cause of prefference.

    Why would the english server have their time adjusted to NA people? This is a EU publisher, and while there is no NA publisher and they play with us, its rather hard for them to exactly abondon EU players for their sake.

    20.00 cet is what, 2 pm in the afternoon? Its a reasonable time to actually get best for both. If we would wait for NA times, our CM's and EU players would have to stay up well past midnight on weekdays. 19.30 is what, 1 AM?


    They CANT do NA stuff. Im quite sure targetting NA players alone would already be risky in paperwork. EU players would miss it, Their work hours dont allow it. They already take hours thats best for their company, and would give both time. There been plenty of places this news been posted.


    People who keep German hours are most likely playing on the German server because they are IN Germany or the surrounding countries. The ENGLISH server has players from all the rest of the countries that do not speak German or French.

    ALso I had to add this, I mean I very much hope you are infact aware, unlike America...

    You know... French and Germany is like... right next to each other, right? I mean outside of 1 country. You can ride there in barely 3 hours... Which makes the argument ''And surrounding countries'' rather invalid.. cause you know, everything in EU is surrounding each other... even the UK??

    Misty Shroud blueprints sold out!!!??????? Whaaaat????? We had no prior notice that there would be a limited item going up for sale, and you did maintenance and they sold out while I was at work. I am mad. Thats crap. If I would have known that only 20 were going to be available after maintenance, I would have made sure I was sitting right here at my pc when the server came back up. Now because I have a real job, so that I can spend lots of money in game, I miss out on something really cool. Not happy. I am not waiting a year for them to come out again. Yeah, things like this are what make people walk away..... I sure feel like doing so right at this moment. I better take a break to cool down. Maybe I will be back tomorrow....

    I mean there was a notice on the thread which was posted 12 hours ago. Which was also quite a few hours before the preorders shouldve gone live. The pre-order should've gone live at 20.00 CET, right now its 22.37 CET, which is a good 2.5 hours after it. So that 12 hours is quite a time before it actually went up.

    The thread here: [Preorder] Secret Apartments also stated that its limited by 20. And if we wanna go even further, youre also in my discord which tagged the Savage hunt people with the news.

    The appartments will be back too, its not like you missed out the only chance to get them, just gotta do the horrible waiting :(

    Besides all the questions, can we just appreciate that after so long of the files existing, and us asking for multiple house slots...

    We finally get it, and holy poopy, is it gorgeous.

    Whait i'm confused...WHAT RESULTS? The event was Hide and seek and the rewards have been sent to the ppl who found Ildruin on the same day. There was no "winner" so far as i saw it, cause everyone who found Ildruin in the set timeframe got a reward.

    They mean the one where you win the PC Im pretty sure. The raffle, you joined in with if you got Brimstone glow.

    At least in na they had those freebies and events going on. Cheaper stuff as well like $10 for a dragon in mp. Now who knows what will happen as eu one jsut terrible reward system and I hope sh improves better then what dp was.

    But so did EU.. When infernum owned EU, we had countless free dragons, good contest rewards (like straight up diamonds), even secret apartments and all that shit.

    Look at what happend to both those companies. They went down :/

    For those that don't know by the way:

    Discord is a free program you can use like Skype and teamspeak. Doesn't cost anything unless you want to global spam emotes from other servers, gif avatars and bigger upload files.

    Hosting your own servers is free and super easy to costumize.

    You can download the app/discord itself or use it on a browser!

    The discord has over 100 people, and could use some more (social) people who are interested~ We dont bite! Its rather quiet, but it could possibly be a good resource to share information, tighten up the community and also find possibly groups for dungeons/ancients ^^

    Well there goes my hopes for future of tomorrow lol. Had money saved up for this game to but refuse to spend till prices are better or more given.

    Well, what did you expect?

    I mean this is cash we are talking about. Ofcourse they are gonna take their time to recalculate, this is their income :/. Its what keeps their servers up. I wouldnt have them rush it, and change 5000 times cause they arent sure what to price them.

    We used to, but sadly Daybreak only bought out SoE for EQ and H1Z1

    DP itself wasnt in a good state before they bought SoE though, should be glad that someone like SoE or Daybreak didnt restart Savage Hunt. They wouldnt treat it any different than they did to DP.

    I will try to not do stat in char and put all in str and fero was it? maybe some in focus to.

    Well as ayk said, 2str and 1fero. I wouldnt play with it too much if you don't know what youre doing untill you can afford to do so. So restat, level up, get gear and then look at what you possibly need. That is a garantueed working build right there.

    If you dont feel tanky enough, get heal dragons or soulskill heals. It helps tons.

    Yes and I was thinking it make perfect sense to add drop rate of her to arynias lair

    Well if you believe in lore, then her being in the lair wouldnt make sense. According to her lore she roams the world. If anything that'd make sense I'd throw her on random paths ancients go, but I doubt thats possible since she isnt a roaming dragon.

    I kow and no one wants to take time and help. I do not have alts only my main so how am i suppose to tame a noodle with no help

    It was never said that they were supposed to be easy and for everyone to get. Get a di set like everyone else that solos or create an alt for this.

    Hey there,

    naturally I'm reading this. :) The "old players" part is something that you got a bit wrong I guess. It says "there will be a surprise for old players" in context to the apartments. So that means, when the apartments are returning, there will be something few people have expected. Which is something exciting ;)

    Multiple houses on the isles?!

    You know, the droprate shouldn't be easy on the gazes. Don't forget they are marketplace dragons. They should take effort to get.

    They just badly adjusted stuff. Hopefully in time with new patches the goldrate increases, making things easier. However the auction depends on how many players the game has. More people means lower prices often enough.