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    The story of the mad tower-dragon continues…

    After the three thieving Skitters were successfully captured, we still failed to rescue our new clothes. The Skitters have been rough on them, not even caring about them getting torn on their run, so none of our outfits survived this adventure. And to top that, the Tailor’s shop was actually damaged way more than we thought, so the Tailor won’t be able to make us new clothes for a while…

    As you might have noticed during the summer time, we are not bound to our old GM uniforms anymore. But summer is over and we are still running around in the same outfit, the only other available clothes are our old uniforms ... Save us from these lame clothes, awake your inner Tailor and create our new GM outfits!

    To be more specific: our female GMs Catarix, Skymaw and Scylla need a fresh look, so you will be able to create 3 costumes, 1 per participating GM. Each outfit should include a complete armor, though shoulders and cloak are optional, and a weapon. We have gathered up their descriptions of their favorite style, so you’re able to create the perfect outfit for each of them:


    - Colours: Black (main), green and silver

    - Armor Type: Heavy Armor or Cloth

    - Weapon Type: Scythe or Axe


    - Colours: Purple (main), blue and red

    - Armor Type: Heavy Armor

    - Weapon Type: One or Two Handed Sword


    - Colours: Black (main), purple and blue

    - Armor Type: Cloth or Light Armor

    - Weapon Type: Any weapon

    You have until the 21st october at 23:59 CEST to create your masterpieces and send them in. Afterwards each of the participating GMs will pick their favorite outfit for themselves, determining our 3 main winners! They will each receive a Fashion Bundle, containing lots of items for your next costume. Additionally the whole GM team will vote for a 4th Outfit, that overwhelmed everyone. This person will get a special dragon as a reward - Brasten Carlop!


    What you have to do:

    • Create an outfit dedicated to one of the 3 GMs.
    • You can create up to 3 outfits, one for each GM.
    • An outfit should include: All armor parts - shoulders and cloak are optional - and a weapon.
    • the Outfit must consist of armor and weapons that can be found in Savage Hunt!
    • Send a description of the costume with the names of each costume part to the forum account named Tailor, if possible add a screenshot of the costume on yourself or a puppet.
    • Add your charactername, server and also a note for which GM the outfit was created.


    The 3 main winners will each receive a Fashion Bundle, including:

    - 6x Perfect Costume Transformation Elixir (10%)

    - 5x Colour Pick Tickets

    - Fadernoc Costume Set

    The special winner will receive the dragon - Brasten Carlop!

    Thanks to your sharp eyes we managed to find all three thieving Skitters! The player Pathofdeath was the first to find all the locations, and thanks to this we could catch them before running away with our precious clothes. Sadly the dragons were very rough while fleeing so most of our outfits have been ruined completely … guess the Tailor will need to start anew. Still he promised a reward and gathered some spare costume parts from his shop. Maybe it’s even possible to create an outfit using these … ?

    All other helpers will receive some Transportation Runes to cover up for their travel costs. Your rewards have been sent to your Account storage.

    Fashion Thieves

    Two weeks ago, on a beautiful sunny autumn day, all the female GMs gathered for a costume fitting. This was interrupted by our fellow Skymaw being kidnapped by a fierce dragon, who apparently had mistaken her for a princess, and kept her captive on top of a magic tower. Thanks to you our “princess” Skymaw managed to flee from the claws of the dragon savely, apparently only further stirring up the anger of the dragon….

    After the failed costume fitting, we now ended up being the victims of the fierce dragon’s act of revenge: he ordered his subordinates to steal our new clothes! On the way to pick up our new outfits, we only managed to see three Skitters running away from the shop in a haste, and the panicked face of the tailor.All three of them ran into different directions, but they cannot have gotten that far. Once again we need your help, Osira!

    Please help us search for the three thieving dragons and bring back our clothes! As Skitters are not the fastest dragons (and by far not the most intelligent), they must still be somewhere among the Baerton Skyislands. Please, if you are to find them, make a screenshot of the Skitter and his hiding place, and send all the screenshots to the Tailor, for proper credit please include your Charactername and server as well.

    We need their locations as fast as possible so we can get our clothes back safely. The Skitters will probably not be there any longer than 24h, as they might already have fled way too far by then...

    Any hint on their whereabouts will be rewarded!


    • 3 Skitters hidden among any of the Baerton Skyislands
    • 1 Screenshot of every Skitter -> 3 in total
    • Screenshots + your Charactername and Server must be sent to the Tailor
    • Start is the 06th of October at 14:00 CEST
    • All Screenshots must be send until 7th of October at 14:00 CEST


    • The first person to discover the thieves will get a variety of Spare Costume Parts from the Tailor
    • all participants will get a little refund for their travel

    gamigo System Maintenance

    Dear Community,

    We'll be having a planned System Maintenance on the 1st of October at 7:00 CEST.

    Some of our systems will be unavailable during that time.

    The following systems will be affected by this:

    * The Gamigo Portal

    * The Cash Shop

    * The Account Registration System

    * The Password Reset functionality

    Additionally it will not be possible to connect to any servers, the servers themselves will not be shut down.

    This means if you connect to the server before the maintenance, you will be able to stay online and continue playing.

    This also means that if you get disconnected during the maintenance, you will not be able to reconnect until the maintenance is over.

    We hope that the functions listed above will be back up before 10:00 CEST.

    However we are unable to provide an exact end time for the maintenance.

    We will update you when more information becomes available.

    We are grateful for you patience,

    Your Gamigo Team

    Heyoo, i'm your new GM Scylla!

    as you might have noticed i've been around for a while now (you can usually spot me on B19) but was so far only "oficially" there for the german Community. Starting today i will be GM for both the German AND English Community!

    As most of you probably couldn't read my german introduction before, here is a translated version for you:

    i'm a Gamer, 20 years young and for the past 7 years MMORPG has been my main genre. I have also played Dragon's Prophet for a long time, so i am very happy to be able to help out here in Savage Hunt! My absolute favorite work here already is the event planning, so look forward to many fun events with me on the german server both servers! (partyparrot)

    Just to make it clear again: I do not work for gamigo, i'm just a normal SH player like you (ninja) with way too much freetime. That means you can talk normally to me and if you have questions i will do my best to answer them.

    That's it from me, gonna meet you in the game(sheep)

    PS: I have completed my training and am now a complete minion, that means even more surprise visits from me on the server 8o

    Yes, yes i like smileys.