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    i actually consider the gacha to be pretty evenm i bought 20 and got:

    4x Bag Slots

    4x D. Chamber

    2x Bank Slot

    3x D. Nest

    4x D. Stable

    3x Furniture

    Either you are overexaggerating or just have rotten luck

    My advice to SH players would be to leave SH and start catching up with us on DP instead - and learning from the old players who are still here to pass on the knowledge

    You could similarely say it the other way around...

    Leave DP and quickly catch up on SH, since gear, level etc. is still lower. Knowledge is transferable either way.

    Seriously, why would i even want to try, to catch up on DP with ppl, who have overmaxed their equipment 20+ times per item?

    why would i want to play the dragon arena against people you have atleast 15 diferent arena dragons?

    why would i want to spend hours, just to get my stars at the dragonsbook?

    Both ways would just be terrible. The only diference is, or lets call it lesser malady, that catching up on SH is not as time intense, as it would be on DP.

    Merging the Servers would be a smack into the face of every SH Player, since DP is way ahead in Equipment with overmaxed stats, while also taking profit of the diferent market values over the past years.

    If the games get merged, i can see way more people leaving, than if they just continue to develop SH instead.

    Sorry to say, but there are only 2 reasonable ways:

    1. If the possibility exists, develop both games

    2. only develop SH

    I know it sounds harsh, but merging would definately be the end

    You couldn't be more wrong, unless your at the financial Department of gamigo and know the figures.

    Value to Profit is the calculation here, not reputation.

    So if SH/DP would generate more income within certain amount of time then it costs, you get profit. If that Profit over certain amount of time exceeds the Value, it could be profitable to make a further move (buy the develpment rights).

    I'm not saying it is worth buying the development rights, but aslong as the Value = x (Unkown), there is no reason to call it unprofitable.

    Of course making such a move includes more than just asking for the price, but that is for the financial department to judeg, as they know the figures and we just don't and probably never will.

    This could probably cause quite a few issues.

    1. What if gamigo doesn't have game developers?

    2. if they do, then they gotta learn the code, and a big part of the inside is likely written in Asian.

    3. I hardly ever heard of gamigo before they took over dp. Even if it's better than no new content, I'm not super confident they have experienced game developers. (No offense you guys).

    5. Imagine if they do or don't, they have to get paid for the work they do. Work that gamigo likely won't wanna invest in cause dp doesn't bring up enough money.

    Your answer sounds german to me, as in:

    "Better don't even try, because it could cause problems, eventhough we don't know if it really does"


    But you could atleast give it a try. Has there been a try yet? The worst thing that could happen is rejection, thus nothing to lose :P


    It will not even receive a try, as gamigo does not see a future in the game and therefore will not further invest into it.


    many other possibilities ;)

    Do you want to play Savage Hunt or Dragon's Prophet?

    If it is actually Dragon's Prophet, then you must download an diferent Version then if you were to play Savage Hunt, as they are 2 diferent Games.

    Savage Hunt Download:

    Dragon's Prophet Download:


    or Patcher:

    I agree on the fact, that basicly all you can do is play one character actively. Since unlocking all the needed slots (Backpack, Storage, Lair etc.) costs a fortune per character, thus making the game pretty static. If there alteast was a way to grant a bonus of unlocking on twinks it would have a bigger impact on active playing time. Say for every 2 rows you unlock, you get 1 unlockthingy for free or every new created character gets half the amout of slot, that the main character has... something like that

    Totally agreed.

    The diference between the two games and their respective VIP-Systems is huge, but instead of making it similar to DP, how about making it WANTED. THe way it is now, i seriously couldn't care less. I do log in whenever i can anyway.

    It mustn't be the same as DP, IMO it can be totally diferent. It could be merged with the Achievement System instead of just logging in.

    Question for the GMs:

    1. do you want us to play the game?


    2. do you want us to log in, get reward, log out, play diferent game?

    I believe you'll go with 1.

    If that is truely the case, you could easily implement Achievements (daily/weekly/monthly/unrepeatable) to make the players gain VIP-Points. That way the game will be played. People playing the game are more likely to invest $$$ or atleast they might attract more people to actually play, since an active game attracts new players = growth of the community.

    there are several dragon achievements already, yet i like the idea of there being more

    How about adding a stackable daily -> weekly -> monthly

    Daily = 1x 5 diferent types

    Weekly = 5x 6 diferent types

    Monthly = 15x 7 diferent types

    It should be easy to implement and also acts towards your dragons book

    Rewards could be just dragon eggs or low dia cost consumables

    Since this game is a big time- and moneysink, I have a few questions that bother me, before investing too much into the game:

    (I've player DP for several years and we all know, that so far this is the exact same game)

    1. Is Runewaker actively working on the game, thus will there be Upgrades and Patches once Sitheran has been reached?

    2. Currently there aren't many players actually playing this game, but they rather stay at DP for the time being. Are there any plans, that SH will replace DP at all?

    3. If the playerbase remains below expectance, what are the plans? Will the Game be shut down again within a few month, making my invested money/time be of no value?

    4. DP has been a fantastic game and yet it never achieved any hype, games such as Aion, Rappelz, Tera have always been more populated. What are the chances of SH making the cut?

    5. I'm not too worried about the Pay2Win aspect of the game, yet why am i forced to team with others, just to get my hands on Dungeon Equipment Materials? I'm aware this is a MMO, but the times i play, are the really really early morning hours (due to work). Is my money/time less valueable, than money from primetime Players? (I'm aware that i can farm Gold, but the Auctionhouse is close to dead and once there are mats, they cost a fortune and make one Equipment piece cost 2 Million+, thus the set being at min. 12!!!!!! Million, not inclunding weapon and accessories)

    I know that a GM wont go into too much Detail and will probably tell me whatever it takes to get the money from the Players/Customers, yet I'd favour a honest approach.

    Thank you in advance