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    I do remember in the more populated days of Dragons prophet, all the worlds had 2 channels. There were 3 in Artecia. They removed channels as the population went down. I don't know the formula they used or what the real current population load is, but maybe we are at that?

    Merging 3 servers of players, who had become used to their way of playing all to themselves, is going to come with an adjustment for everyone. I suggest maybe adding second channels for the worlds at least for a little while to help everyone adjust if its possible. Maybe even third channels for the really used worlds. These can always be removed later.

    The game was designed to have tons of people playing at once. The raid dungeons for example, you need 10 people to get the most from them. Sometimes not 10 people from your guild is on at the same time and inclined to do it. Recently I was in a party to do NoT. We finished the dungeon and it was like pulling teeth to find 10 people to just loot it. The work was done they just had to come get the stuff and there was barely 10 people to come.

    Having the servers merge means:

    • you can actually use the "find a party" feature and have a chance at random people joining you in the big dungeons.
    • World chat might actually be answered.
    • The auction house now has a chance at helping the economy for newer players (or old returning players like me who are looking to buy stuff that will help build my toon).
    • You can have people helping you get world PEs done
    • World Boss help
    • CoP is much more fun with a full party
    • IoLS is much more fun with a full party

    Ok so you have more competition for somethings, but that's how the game is supposed to be played. That's how you get better and more skilled. That's the challenge. The things that matter like dragons and eggs have other means to get than finding them in the wild. You can dance for shell pieces, eggs you can exchange for in the lair or buy in the auction. Need a dragon, well most will hatch from eggs you can buy or exchange. Even encryption components can be bought in the auction if someone is selling. With an big population there was usually someone selling something of everything.

    Ok, when I bought it this morning and chose the package that had the %20 next to it. You can look a little below the window and see it says what the 20% is and how much its worth.

    I used my calculator to check and it was right. Also the packages with the % next to them was worth more diamonds. See there is 2 packages with $25. The % hot one gives more than the VIP.

    I think it's a major difference between having all Dragons, because someone farmed "a couple" of hours and someone who just has much money...

    And motivation on actual playtime may go down when there's the question if one should farm for a rare dragon or just wait for the next sale. Rather put out Dragon-Buff-Crystals in the marketplace again, as well as Buff-Potions so the chance of getting a Dragon is higher.

    I liked the sale because I stink a video games ( I love them though ). My coordination is just not as good as most people. On top of that, lag kills me alot of the time playing from America. Its not always easy to find someone on to help either, and I feel bad asking for help to farm this kind of thing. I'm not complaining. I love this game and I don't give up. I know my limitations and I accept them.

    I do understand the feeling of accomplishment farming so hard and finally getting it, and the feeling that comes when you see the next person just buy it. X/ (I'm guilty of just buying things but I understand how others feel)

    Maybe there is a compromise:?:

    Maybe on select days make the soul gaze in certain dungeons 100% drop. You still have to do the dungeon and maybe farm, because if you only want a specific dragon it might not be in that soul gaze. Also it would keep people watching the forums so they know what days are what dungeons (which would help keep people informed on other things).

    Oeh I didn't know there were dragon's in MP as well :hmmm:

    Yes, they are selling a selection of the soul gaze dragons now. So if you have a favorite that is in a hard dungeon for you, or the RNG is not being nice, you can just buy it. The selection changes every so often. You can see the timer on the dragons they are offering. So if the dragon you want isn't there right now, just check back.

    I can put eseriel in on two toons....Ghostviper being one of them and i think Frostvenom has the other. It'll be later today though as i have alot to do in town.

    Thank you! I will look for them. I just finished my Dusk Reavers but I know many others in my guild were asking for Mountain Traveler for them (at least 4 people maybe more. Same guild as you Viper). Please keep those out there. I'm not sure they check the forums but I will tell them when I am on who to search for.

    I still need Hydras. Whatever is easy to get. I think I saw Night Mist is in the lair exchange along with Son of Tyre (which I have). Also the Moon festival has one for exchange for moon coins. So any of those will work. I can work to get the stuff to exchange for them.

    Server: Jorbyn

    Looking for:

    Dragon Name: Son of Tyre or any Hydra that's easy to get.

    Dragon Name: Eseriel Frost Shadow or Mountain Traveler (a few of us looking for duskreavers not just me )

    Dragon Name: Any stalwart

    Thank you!

    I also find it unfortunate that those who might lose characters can't choose which twelve they want to keep, though I understand that catering to every player would make things even more difficult and expensive on the back end; it's pretty clear that the twelve highest-level were chosen because those are the ones that are guaranteed to have had the most effort put into them and are most likely to have super-rare equipment that will take ages to replace (if it can be without massive effort), while anything less either doesn't or has so little it can be shuttled to a higher-level character relatively quickly.

    Actually you CAN choose which 12 to keep. Go through your toons and you delete which ones to go away BEFORE the merge yourself. They say the 12 highest but no level specified. If you only have 12 toons, then those will all go over.

    The recipe I'm looking for, and farming styx with my fingers crossed, is 'Eerie Vanity Table'. :D

    I remember now! In NA that table was given as a log in bonus. You had to log in everyday for 2 weeks leading up to Halloween. Everyday you got a goodie and that table was the last prize. Like what they did with the aqua dragon.

    See what I mean. All these excited peoples and they are already re-egging. I will be doing the same. A Midas Moon Battle team sounds awesome!!! <3<3<3 Playing with the dragons, training them, and collecting them are my favorite part of this game.

    I agree. I think the complete set of eggs should be there. Some people have a favorite. If you put them out then people will go for them and then need the goodies to re-egg them and get them maxed out. Just means more people spending diamonds; and spending diamonds is a good thing for games. 8)

    could it be the valor set? From cata's post

    No its not that set but that is similar. The set was much more bright silver, almost white silver and reminded me of something a Greek god would wear. More similar in shape to the Shooter set but it had a defined bodice separat from the skirt.

    This looks alot like the post Catarix saved from the old DP Forum. Is this maybe what you were working on?

    [Guide] Armor Skins

    It only has through Porthis though. It is also not quite complete unless NA had different sets which I doubt. I know there is another set that drops from the mobs around Dragon Heart Temple - heavy armor - I remember the boots being bright silver, bright silver and white on the bodice and it had a red mini skirt. It was my favorite costume and I farmed a long time for it. I don't remember what the rest looked like and I don't know how the male version looks, but it all had that bright silver trimmings. When I find it again I'll post the pics but maybe someone has seen it.