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    could it be the valor set? From cata's post

    No its not that set but that is similar. The set was much more bright silver, almost white silver and reminded me of something a Greek god would wear. More similar in shape to the Shooter set but it had a defined bodice separat from the skirt.

    This looks alot like the post Catarix saved from the old DP Forum. Is this maybe what you were working on?

    [Guide] Armor Skins

    It only has through Porthis though. It is also not quite complete unless NA had different sets which I doubt. I know there is another set that drops from the mobs around Dragon Heart Temple - heavy armor - I remember the boots being bright silver, bright silver and white on the bodice and it had a red mini skirt. It was my favorite costume and I farmed a long time for it. I don't remember what the rest looked like and I don't know how the male version looks, but it all had that bright silver trimmings. When I find it again I'll post the pics but maybe someone has seen it.

    Egg dancing and the egg circle B19 has been the best for me. I get about 2-3 or so daily.

    For an idea about how many eggs cared for to get these:

    I have about 12 people I dance for and they have an average of 15 eggs. A couple have closer to 40 eggs. B19 has around 12 or so eggs to care for, sometimes more when I go.

    Seal breakers can fall for anyone even the egg circle. I have not noticed that I get them more from one egg care activity or another. It seems to be evenly split between dancing and caring. It's random what you get but that's what I get fairly consistently.

    Well, that's right, the circle might move back to Arteicia again ;)

    Time will show, what will happend. :)

    That will be so cool. When my game loads up one of the screen shots is of the insanely full egg circle in Arteicia. Then I cry a little inside because those were the good old days...

    Hi, I had copied from the old forum the combinations for using up the dragon skill points. Those points the dragon gets for leveling up and you spend them in their spider web in the lair. I thought it would be useful for new people and those who are returning after a long time away.

    I did not come up with these. This is from the old forum. I don't remember who did the actual work so If you play still please let know and I will credit the post to you. What point combo have you found works the best?

    Dragon training levels doesn't increase base stats of the dragon however what it does is that it gives attribute points that is free for you to spend on your dragon at the lair manager at the dragon training tab. And it's these points that boosts your base stats by a certain percentage

    At level 100 you have 1605 points to spend however it's difficult to spend it so that you have 0 attribute points remaining. It's possible but this doesn't mean it's the best setup.

    Anyways for maxing out 3 stats it's impossible to have 0 points remaining, however starting from 2 attributes points remaining it's possible.

    For 2 attribute points remaining the only combination is


    For 3 attribute points remaining this is:


    For 4 attribute points remaining we have:



    For 5 attribute points remaining we have 1 combination:


    For 7 attribute points remaining we got this 1:


    If we want to achieve 0 points remaining with 4 stats combinations are:










    Go watch the TED talks by Jane McGonigal. She's a gamer and shes funny and fabulous. She goes over alot of huge benefits for game playing and a few talks on MMORPG games. I love her.

    I know we shouldn't post links in here so you might have to look these up yourself.

    Just google "Jane McGonigal TED" Her videos are in YouTube too.

    Here is a little taste of whats in her talk "Gaming can make a better world"

    Now, unfortunately this is more of the face that we see in everyday life now as we try to tackle urgent problems. This is what I call the "I'm Not Good At Life" face. This is actually me making it. Can you see? Yes. Good. This is me making the "I'm Not Good At Life" face. This is a piece of graffiti in my old neighborhood in Berkeley, California, where I did my PhD on why we're better in games than we are in real life. And this is a problem that a lot of gamers have. We feel that we are not as good in reality as we are in games.

    I don't mean just good as in successful, although that's part of it. We do achieve more in game worlds. But I also mean good as in motivated to do something that matters -- inspired to collaborate and to cooperate. And when we're in game worlds, I believe that many of us become the best version of ourselves -- the most likely to help at a moment's notice, the most likely to stick with a problem as long at it takes, to get up after failure and try again. And in real life, when we face failure, when we confront obstacles, we often don't feel that way. We feel overcome, we feel overwhelmed, we feel anxious, maybe depressed, frustrated or cynical. We never have those feelings when we're playing games, they just don't exist in games. So that's what I wanted to study when I was a graduate student.

    What about games makes it impossible to feel that we can't achieve everything? How can we take those feelings from games and apply them to real-world work? So I looked at games like World of Warcraft, which is really the ideal collaborative problem-solving environment. And I started to notice a few things that make epic wins so possible in online worlds.


    It could be that you logged into the Savage Hunt launcher. If you haven't played Savage Hunt then you do not have a toon there yet. You will need to log into the Dragon's Prophet launcher to access the account you migrated.

    Savage Hunt and Dragon's Prophet look the same but they are completely different games. You use the same login information for each though. Each has their own launcher.

    In addition you might have trouble with the dragoon folder. Fixes for that have been discussed in another topic here:

    can't find my characters for savage hunt after i migrated

    Those two instances are not available all the time. They are only available certain weeks o f the month. When the island is not available there is no dragon. When the column is not available you get the "force" message. Another player might know where we are in the schedule right now.

    In this thread:

    Nice update : 0xc000007b

    They discovered that Savage Hunt didn't patch correctly for some people the last time and Ildruin put the correct links in there for it. You have to scroll down passed where they found the problem and use those links. Thats the most recent. There are some other fixes also mentioned in that thread. Maybe that will help you?

    Also did you want Savage Hunt or Dragon's Prophet? There are 2 separate launchers and you want to make sure you have the correct one.

    Phantom has always been very good to me for finding skills. So easy to farm him too. Just run in and hope for the cut scene. If not run out reset and try again. When the Wiki says Windrider - I always find it on him.

    Seems to still be broken and link to the ticket support also broken. I bought one more $2.99 so I have a total of 2. Nothing else will go through. I will try again in an hour. I still have 9 hours left at this point.

    I only have that issue or flickering if i use full screen so i just run in windowed mode and bypass the issue but then i run on a 32inch tv so that might not be a solution for all.

    Windowed mode works better for me too and I run it on a 17 inch monitor. I can expand the window to almost full screen so its no big deal.

    I tried to send in the ticket but the link was broken or something. I couldn't get anywhere. It only let me buy 1 of each of the promos and then nothing but error messages that sent me an email to send in a ticket with that broken link. I know they are only the publisher but that cash shop need help and we can't let anyone know though the bad links. I wasn't using karma coin. I was using a regular credit card.

    Well it still never worked right. I could only buy 1 of each package. I bought one then tried to buy the same one and got nothing but error messages.

    So I bought the other one and waited an hour. Then I tried to buy the other one again and got error messages. So I tried to buy the first one again and error messages.

    So I waited another hour and could not buy either one ever again. Only error messages. So I guess the limit was really one per account.

    Yes it appeared and I try to buy them and now it sends me an email that the purchase is incomplete and gives me a link for a ticket, and that link is broken.***edit *** found out there is a timer on the cash shop, its good, nevermind this

    OOOOOOh! Ok I see what you did! Yep they are separate in there. I see them now.

    Ok so its a limit of 3 per account. Is that 3 of each type of package?

    Could I get 3 of the 2.99 and 3 of the 4.99?

    Or is it 3 total so I would have to choose something like 2 of the 2.99 and 1 of the 4.99?


    I'm forwarding this issue to the management. Thanks for letting us know!

    edit: Both should be in now! :)

    I went in to get it because, "hey why not something for nothing" but it is not there for the US dollars at all. I went all the way to the checkout screen for the $2.99 and it did not increase. I was afraid to complete the transaction. There is no sticky thing saying its on sale either. I see the counter timer you have has not reached the end yet so it should be active.