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We're still looking for German and English GMs / Mods (DP & SH) - so do you want to know more about it? Check the announcement here.
Feel free to contact the team if you have questions about it.
We have some problems with the Data Center - this could curse a few disconnects. Our IT is already working on it, so please stay patient.

    Looking for:

    Dragon Name: Indigo Stone - Ironhide

    Dragon Name: Shrouded Carnage - Fable Ancient

    Dragon Name: Zios - Fable Ancient

    Dragon Name: Lunar Frost- Fable Ancient

    Trying to get stars in these two families so I can get the evo-skill books. Thank you!

    The egg circle got a new "feature". We want that you can leave the cave in safety - so we added a Quezak Gate. Now you can leave the cave without getting attacked.

    This is just a solution for right now - we're still looking for a better one. But a fast solution was more important than a perfect one.

    Everyone keeps forgetting that this is temporary. We need to hatch eggs but there is no home for it....yet.

    Share the space, its not hurting anyone's game.

    The Teleportbook is working inside the Cave.

    Just not on the Egg Circle Plattform itself.

    And yes, I knew about the teleport book but I do not have the time to farm the runes and I only get 2 free ports per day. I need those to get my dalies done and then get back to leveling. Like Regole said it took two to do it.

    Now we have gates. :thumbup:

    Thank you for the gates Catarix those will help alot!

    why would i want to play the dragon arena against people you have atleast 15 diferent arena dragons?

    why would i want to spend hours, just to get my stars at the dragonsbook?

    This is exactly what I am running into trying to go back to DP after playing SH for a while. getting those stars in the book from the arena is alot harder, cuz there are not many low level players to try and get my wins. It takes alot of time to make a high level arena dragon and trying to catch up is dis-heartening when i know its so much easier in SH. My dragons in DP are level 50ish but everyone is 100. If I am having trouble I can just imagine what a brand new noob is experiencing.

    Here is a tip for you toons in the arena, you can put a low level dragon or two at the head of your team then put an interesting dragon in the third slot when you are not playing. Give the noobs a chance to get some wins off you and fill up their book.

    Yep not pink this time cuz I'm serious. I have been thinking about this too for awhile. I for one am in LOVE with the game period and have been since beta NA. I have a gut feeling that SH is going to be the sole survivor. They can't merge because they are too different. I play both almost daily and there is a very different feel between them. Its subtle but its there. Yes, I had spent alot of time, money, and effort in DP and know alot of you have as well. That Laedis gear grind is no joke. I for one would accept a buy out for my toon. An open mind is needed to listen to what I mean.

    Let's say they want to let DP go and move forward with SH. I could supply the admins with a video inventory of what I have as far as gear, rubies, house, and dragons. Those items could be gifted to me in SH on my current character there and my DP characters could be deleted.

    I understand that not everything would be replaced and not replaced with the same stats. Limits could be place, like I only get one set of gear, but to go with that gear, a pack of items (stat transfer crystals/ strength crystals/ect.) to help me re-stat it back to close to what I had. Maybe I get 2 sets of gear. Who knows they could set the limit. Maybe they can't send the gear, but I bet they could send enough of the materials for me to craft replacements.

    Another Limit could be I would be allowed to choose 2 of the dragons I currently have to have in SH along with a pack to re-egg them and other items needed (provisions/whips/skill crystals) to get the stats and skills back where I had them. I would have to do the work but at least I would have the tools. Maybe people who spent more money/time than I have in the game get to choose 3 or 4 dragons.

    Another limit is with the house. I would get whatever house I had in DP but I only get to choose X amount of furniture items. If I already have the same house in SH then maybe increase the limit of furniture items.

    Here is the part where I might get some bawwing...I would pay to have my account reviewed and this service completed. I know that this would take the Admin's time and they should be compensated for the time it takes to look at my video and make a gift pack. Last I checked most games go for $50-$80. I would be willing to pay that to get my DP items in SH.

    I believe they could do this. I won some items with the guild tournament bets they had and they can send gift items. I think it would be a way to get the 2 communities together. They wouldn't be out any money because its stuff we already bought and we would be paying for their time to "transfer" it over.

    Anyway none of this would even occur for a very long time. SH has a long way to go to catch up with DP and then who knows what will happen. But I thought I would put this out there and sometime in the future the admins might say " Remember that crazy post back in 2018 by that tiger chick about a character buy out? Maybe we should think about that..."

    I want to say a huge THANK YOU to the Admin Team for trying to help out with the egg circle. I know this puts more work on you guys. <3<3<3

    The pvp people need to remember this is temporary till a better fix is found/made. They have already said this is not permanent.

    I knew there would be a few bumps till things got sorted out with the new cave so I am waiting to start my own re-egging journey. I do/and will visit to give cares till then. Egg people just hang in there! They need to learn to share for this time till we get something better.

    The Cave is at the beginning because when you step off the gate you have a save buff for a few seconds. That way the players entering the cave have those few seconds to get in the cave without being killed. It makes total sense to have it at the beginning. Otherwise anyone heading to the cave to give cares can be killed because they are not in the cave. That's just the first reason.

    The second reason would be that it makes it easier for people coming to care for eggs that they don't need to spend 10 minutes just traveling to and from the cave to get across the island. Some players, like myself, have limited time to play. On some days we often fit what we can into a few minutes here and there while we take care of family and chores. In 10 minutes I could have all my dailies done and maybe get some egg petting in. But not If I have to fly my dragon for 5 minutes one way and possibly getting killed and sent back to the beginning.

    The third reason is the area is already not ideal for pvp if you think about it. The gate is there and it is running its scripts and program to be ready to send players here and there. Your computer will be computing that in the background, along with the moving parts of the gate, and the scripts that make those parts move. The further you get from the gate the less priority those scripts will have for your computer until they finally don't affect you at all.

    Remember to save a transport to your book for faster travel to the new egg cave and avoid those few feet between the spawn and the cave.

    I am sure anyone camping the outer area to keep people from going in to pet eggs would also be disciplined in some way providing there was proof. Right Ildruin?

    The whole purpose of the rule is to allow egg hatching.

    I imagine you could say in chat "I'm here for eggs" and anyone hanging around for pvp would know not to attack you when you stepped off the gate.

    However, it would take me allot of effort and time to get close to his work! But i have no doubt that could write better and very much interesting story for DP/SH.

    I even have some fan fiction that i made for the game story, where i made even that almost ended the world of Auratia, so that i could rebuild the world as i please, and make characters and every thing around to suit better the base of the game story.

    FFXI did just that with the a realm reborn! And players are monthly paying to play it.

    I love that idea. If Gamigo did take it they could just say that the War was lost the Shax won and now we have to reclaim. All the worlds leading up to Sitheran stay the same. Then after they make what they want. Maybe we complete the reclaiming though some big event and everything goes happy again.

    I know there are at least 2 zones created (Bakra and Satuma) not really being used. I think I saw Bakra reused as an event instance but I can't remember. So they could repurpose those to get something out while they work on learning the game code. At least then we would would have new content. But of course all that hinges on Runewaker letting go and Gamigo picking up. I like to think no one knows the future and anything could happen.


    If this game were marketed, like WOW was they could blow up big. This pet system is unmatched, the collecting appeals to another kind of player, the dragon arena pulls in another type of player, then there is pvp (yes I know pvp isn't perfect but is it really perfect anywhere?) There is so much to do in this game that if you get bored questing you still have a ton of other things to entertain yourself with.

    I have never seen a commercial for this game. I have no idea if there are any commercials playing in EU. Has anyone else seen any? I see commercials for WOW still and Wizard 101. Get some marketing out there. And us players need to do our part too! Get the word out and get your friends in here. RECRUIT! If there is nothing but worrying its going down, then it will be self-fulfilling prophesy. If all you do is talk negative, then why would anyone else want to come? Hey Gamigo if you want, you could throw some incentives for recruiting too, like referral gifts or extra VIP points for number of people who you refer and join and get to a certain level. Maybe you have that in the works already and want to get the game in a better state first who knows...


    Brimstone and Crimson Blackblood do count but Dusktalon doesn't so beware (You can tell whether or not a dragon counts as "Rare" by the type of stats it has! Dragons that can go as low as 1x are common dragons and have a tiny/nonexistent chance of having rare skills, "rare" dragons can only go as low as 3x when caught in the wild and have a much bigger chance)!

    Silent Enmity i'm not sure about as I'm not proficient with Aqua Dragons but Brimstone and Crimson Blackblood are definitely safe bets too. (I'm a bit rusty on dragon locations actually. I really need to re-update myself on where everything is e_e)

    Ok Good to know. I won't waste time with Dusktalon. Silent Enmity was my go to in DP when I can't find healing wind or the other healing skills. He gets Healing Wind pretty regularly and I think some of the other rare skills too but I can't remember which ones I saw. In SH that is no problem cuz you can just farm Brimstone Glow and get it.

    Yeah I play mostly SH for now. But now that I have gotten to about the same level I am in DP I will probably go back to DP (My Zios is there <3). Brimstone in Laedis spawns fairly easily and Crimson Blackblood. Also there is Dusktalon in Wintertide on the cliff that's a boss. I'm not sure if they count as rare enough for the rare skills but I thought I would try. I know that Silent Enmity in Laedis does get the rare skills and he spawns the same as those other three so maybe. If not, then I will head to Alentia! Thank you for the tip!

    I updated the guide with a short tutorial and a video displaying what to do. I hope it helps!

    Very Helpful! And I found Natural Summon! I found it on Phantom in Deyarka Tunnel. I was actually farming him looking for the cooling impact and instead found Natural Summon, Primitive Dragon Spell, and Dragon Spell Strike. I think if I farm him a little longer I will eventually find cooling impact but I have seen it on rare birbs in my travels too. I like farming him when I need a rare windrider because you get that cut scene if he is there. I just run down and see if i get it and if not run out, reset, and try again.

    I mean, I really want some of the Brastens, and I'm willing to buy them outright given that I don't see myself as ever being in a position to overstat my gear and destroy the world. I don't know that I'd necessarily pay 9K for one such dragon, but I can understand being charged that price (or a higher one) given what they represent. And if I wanted the dragon that badly, I'd pay 9K for the guarantee of getting it. But I'm certainly not going to waste my diamonds getting frustrated with gachas and further upsetting myself by paying more than 9K for the dragon. Getting the dragon should be exciting, not a long slog through peaks and troughs of hope and disappointment. For me, that's not motivating in the slightest, and as I said, I can't be the only one like that.

    I am the same way! I have done a couple of gatchas but when I heard from others the success rate I stopped completely. I would pay for dragons I want even if I had to pay more. I have seen other things I wanted but they were offered only in gatchas so I never got them. I'm not a gambler, and so I sit on my diamonds and let them collect dust. I have spent some recently but only because I had to for migration.

    I would pay 9k diamonds for custom colour scheme on a dragon. I would pay 9k diamonds for items that let me improve dragon stats to 10.44 or change the primary stat (this would have seemed P2W at one time but now I think not so much). I would spend 9k diamonds on lots of things - and that is the answer we all like

    I do not think it would be P2W at all. With the hatching you CAN get a dragon to max stats (providing there is a player base) without paying. You CAN get the dragon you want with the main skill you want with hatching and not paying. It takes longer is all.

    In your example Pay = Saving time. Really that is what pay should be for.

    This has been a bug since the DP days in fact i think i remember reporting it like 3 years ago. I hope they fix this, its far too annoying.

    Yep, he was in Dragon's Prophet NA version like this too. We got to Alentia and we were all scratching our heads when we got him. :w

    T. AND it's one of those debuffs that doesn't run down when you go offline so you're forced to stay online and serve your punishment.

    Love that idea! A count down that doesn't run offline for a de-buff of -%50 damage and -%50 armor for a set time that is significant but not horrible ( cuz accidents happen). That's why I was thinking of something like 4 hours. If I did it by accident, 4 hours would suck but I could power through it and try harder to be more careful in the future. The ones doing it because they are bored should be discouraged cuz they will be even more bored by not being able to really do much without dying all the time and having to repair armor.

    I like Drekariddar's idea of stacking them per offense too.

    Thus you give me a funny idea: what about "negative XP" for killing an ancient? 8o

    OOOOOH I like that idea! I am not sure they are able to do that easily though without creating alot of bugs. But maybe they can. Would be AWESOME. :P

    De-buffs with timers already exist in the game. They just plug in the numbers and circumstances. The publisher puts in the words and poof, it could be in the next patch. 8o

    YAY!!! Thank you!!!

    Ok I'm going to ask a dumb question so be gentle....I have always played Guardian before and then switched to Ranger cuz I got tired of the knock-backs guards have to deal with. With my Oracle I love it but I'm a complete noob. I'm a noob with Birbs too since I stayed mostly with the physical dragons.

    When you said at the beginning of your Birb guide "aimed exclusively at magical players who use bird mounting to increase their damage output while using God Skills - an overwhelmingly common tactic to the point where some guilds ban it during guild-run events." How do you do that tactic? What do you mean? I play solo alot so I won't be in anyone's way with this.