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    Guide by Ostryga:

    General Infromations:

    - This guide was created based on my experience and applies to running it alone/duo. CoP is not designed for 5-man groups IMO. A good pair of players can get beyond stage 50 so it's optimal to run it duo.

    - there are different combinations of stages in CoP. Just mobs to clear, mobs + traps combined, mobs + elite mobs, mobs + boss and mini games stages. Boss is always every 10th stage (stage 10th, 20th, 30th), elite mobs (high health) at stages before boss' stage (stage 9th, 19th, 29th)

    - to get a loot chest from mini game hidden quest requirements must be met (see below each mini game description)

    - tier 1 (lvl 1-10) has 1 wave of mobs, tier 2 (lvl 11-20) has 2 waves of mobs, tier 3 (lvl 21-30) has 3 waves of mobs. Stages 31+ have 3 waves, mini games don't scale anymore, mobs are tankier and got more damage.

    - unhatched eggs with Deep Abyss, Rhino Horn and Dark Dream have a small chance to drop from hidden quest chest

    - CoP is open every second week for 1 week and has a weekly leaderboard for total and highest stage done with exclusive title, Dark Dream egg for the 1st place and materials for top 100


    What to do: Execute established number of jumps when the giant strikes the ground and avoid red circles spawned by NPCs.

    How to: Best method of beating this level is to do 1 double jump both for single and double strikes and stay in the air as long as possible. Why not 2 short jumps for double strike? Because time gap between strikes changes each time.

    You initiate a jump standing still when the giant's arms are lifted and he's about to strike (around 0.3-0.5 sec before the strike effect would apply should be safe. Yes, low and stable ping helps).

    Necromancers spawn circles mostly in central area. You can't execute a jump from inside the circle but you can fall on it. If you're in one already just dodge outside using shift but no more than 2 times in a row or you will put exhaustion effect on you (can't jump). Don't get annoyed if they spawn circles exactly at the same moment when you're about to jump, it happens. Don't damage necromancers as it will only desynchronize circles making it even harder for you.

    You must hold on with needed jumps till the end of level as it doesn't save your highest score after you failed. Glowings fists means he will strike twice when no effect on his fists is always a single strike.

    Scaling: tier 1 - 7 jumps, tier 2 - 9 jumps and more circles, tier 3 - 11 jumps and more circles

    Hidden Quest requirements: have more jump stacks than needed


    Strike a Demon

    What to do: Strike reapers by getting life orbs spawned all over the place and avoid chasing ghost.

    How to: One of the easiest levels solo. Basically run on the external part of round room collecting orbs that give you immunity against chasing ghost and allow to destroy reapers temporary by moving nearby them with the effect on. Useful note - the effect stays on you for a bit even when animation of it has finished so you can destroy 1 or 2 additional reapers. Use speed buffs if you have any to help you, I wouldn't recommend running mounted as reapers might block you, only raptors would work as they are small or raptor transformations. Orb spawns every 15 seconds.

    Scaling: tier 1 - x, tier 2 - faster ghost, tier 3 - faster ghost

    Hidden Quest requirements: destroy certain number of reapers


    Death Snipe

    What to do: Avoid red circular and linear telegraphs and collect life orbs.

    How to: This level is intense but not that difficult. What you need to do is to be focused and watch nearest archers how they are placed see in what direction they will send an arrow. You can run/walk on both circular and linear telegraphs as long as you don't get hit with incoming arrow(s).

    You only move on the internal area, if you try to go behind archers land mines will activate and interrupt/damage you - don't go there unless the life orb spawns, then run away from that spot after picking with a jump/sprint. You must have at least 1 life when time goes to zero. Orb spawns every 15 seconds.

    Scaling: tier 1 - x, tier 2 - larger circles, tier 3 - larger circles

    Hidden Quest requirements: end up with more than 1 life


    Protect the Egg

    What to do: Protect the egg by killing goblins (melee, archers and bosses).

    How to: This one is a nightmare solo, piece of cake in a group of 2 and more. Use skytouched dragon family mounted combat preferably to kill incoming goblins, they spawn every 10 seconds. You will barely have any time to heal the egg so just try to focus on killing. Try to kill more than 1 goblin with 1 attack if possible to save time, don't let bosses damage the egg as it does massive damage, don't leave too many archers and don't let melee goblins hit the egg - have eyes in the back of your head. If you beat this level solo you can call yourself a skilled player :) It becomes one of the easiest stages when you are with 2 people, even at highest tier. To heal the egg be right on it with your character, looking from above with your camera to make it easier.

    Archers spawn every 30 seconds (2:30,2:00,1:30,1:00,0:30)

    Bosses spawn every 50 seconds (2:10,1:20,0:30)

    Scaling: tier 1 - x, tier 2 -mobs have more stacks, tier 3 - mobs have even more stacks

    Hidden Quest requirements: keep the egg above certain percentage of health points (50% then 75%)


    Blow wind blow

    What to do: Destroy the windy Boss by killing his minions, decreasing his health and avoiding tornados.

    How to: Another tough stage. Use skytouched dragon family mounted combat. Damage boss and decrease his stacks which decreases his health. He will spawn a lot of tornados around you - avoid them. He does AoE attack that you need to avoid by hiding inside a green circle (1 per person) and wait when his windy AoE animation is over. Every 3rd AoE attack he will divide himself and a lot of small wind elementals appear. There's 1 'correct' one and all the rest are 'fake'. The correct one has 1000 hp and his armor differs, others 1hp. You can either kill the 'correct one' without damaging fake ones or nuke them all at once - both options will decrease boss' health drastically.

    Having some over time attacks that hit multiple times help if there's too many tornados around to mount a bird (usualy after destroying minions) so you can keep decreasing his stacks without being mounted.

    Scaling: tier 1 - x, tier 2 - faster tornados, tier 3 - faster tornados

    Hidden Quest requirements: Kill the boss and don't kill the fake elementals (?)


    Prophet Treasure Vault

    What to do: Open chests to collect loot. Can't fail.

    How to: 'Bonus level'. Open as many chests as you can before time runs out. Chests contain green loot bags, goblins that destroy chests, tornados that interrupt you, they explode, they poison you, they attack you. Attacking chests may drop a key to open locked chests after destroying them.

    I'd prefer to roll once after you open each chest to not get hit by its AoE attacks.

    Scaling: none

    Hidden Quest requirements: None


    Prophet Dragon God

    What to do: Capture spawned dragon. Can't fail.

    How to: Rare bonus level. Your task is to damage then capture spawned rare dragon. Confirmed dragons to spawn: Fyonor, Emerald Crystal, Jade Soul, Umbral Glare and Dark Dream (10% chance to spawn)

    Scaling: none

    Hidden Quest requirements: None

    Guide by Thommix:

    Here's how to get stars for your dragon in compendium:


    1: Number of tames you've done with the dragon

    2: Number of wins in arena with the dragon

    3: Number of wins against the dragon as in your opponent has to have it in team.

    To get 1 star, all 3 must be completed to show stage 2. Completed works too.

    To get 2nd star, all 3 must be completed to show stage3

    To get wins with a dragon, just have it in your team and go challenge in arena and win your matches.

    That dragon doesn't ever actually have to fight,just be in team.

    With 2 stars in the dragon family, you can buy all evolution skills you want.

    Stars aren't depleted, they will only cost runes to buy the skill book from the meditation-tab.

    To learn the skills, go to lair and choose the evolution-tab from middle.

    Click empty slot, drag the book from your inventory to the slot below and use either button.

    Diamond option you will only want to use if you are overwriting already leveled evolution skill.

    You can do 1 star with one dragon in the family and then choose another to get 1 star with, to get the required 2 stars for that family.


    To evolve your dragon you will need 500 dragon runes.

    Go to lair and the evolution button is at bottom,the left one.

    You will get a glow on the dragon and first random evolution skill.

    Little tip to get runes easy,courtesy of Toolkitxx:

    - Create a dragon team of whatever you have available - preferable one of the dragons has a real chance of winning something. Can even be a starter region dragon just with a few combat spells and some basic training in constitution and the main damage attribute of it.

    - Now head for the arena and register for fights. Your goal is not to climb up the ranks but to gain the dragon compendium achievement Step 1. That will reward you with 5000 dragon runes - enough runes to evolve 10 dragons (which is more than most players have space for in the lair anyways)

    - Pick your fights carefully by the dragons families. You want an opponent with a dragon in its team that you havnt found/tamed/aquired yet. Check if the opponents team is trained heavily - if it is: next pls - dont fight that one. If you find an opponent that matches these criterias: fight and hopefully win the fight. The winning opens up the entry in your compendium for all dragons in the opponents team and thus also the family entry in the achievement. You need to win against only 1 of each family to gain the achievement. I have done this as low level player at about level 15 -16 and it took me about 1 day of arena fighting to fill all the families and gain the dragon runes to evolve my first dragon right away.

    With 5000 dragon runes earned easily this way the risk of getting the wrong evolution skill at evolution time is imho really ignorable as you can simply buy the skill you want instead and learn that one.


    Greetings Osirans!

    The Dragon Hatching System is here and we decided to create a basic guide of how it all works for those who are wondering what they can do with their little unhatched eggs.


    What is the Dragon Hatching System?

    This new system allows you to collect Unhatched Dragon Eggs from across Auratia and place them into a nest in your home or apartment. You can also speak to the Lair Manager or Amy in the Draconic Sanctuary to access the Dragon Hatching System.

    Once an egg has been placed into its nest, you will be able to choose the dragon's special attribute type such as Strength or Intelligence and then after some time, the egg will hatch and you will have a new friend. You can however, decrease the incubation time and improve the dragon's attributes by caring for it daily and having your friends come over and care for it also. This will make your dragon much stronger in the long run.

    Depending on the egg, you can get different dragons from it, but by using a special Dragon Spirit Powder during the incubation process, you can increase the chance of getting a rare dragon.


    How do I get the Unhatched Dragon Eggs?

    You can get Unhatched Dragon Eggs two ways:

    • Having the egg drop for you
    • Collecting Dragon Spirit Essences and exchanging them for an egg

    Unhatched Dragon Eggs and Dragon Spirit Essences can drop from looting mobs, dungeon drops, the Draconic Sanctuary, completing public events in the Sky Islands and more! If you get rewarded for something, it's most likely that you can get essences or unhatched eggs from it too. Oh, and you can get essences for aiding other players with their eggs.

    There are 5 different types of essences you can get:

    • (Green) Dragon Spirit Essence
    • (Blue) Dragon Spirit Essence
    • (Purple) Dragon Spirit Essence
    • (Pure) Dragon Spirit Essence

    The type of dragon egg you can get depends on which essence you have how much of it. These essences can be traded with your Lair Manager or with Amy in the Draconic Sanctuary in exchange for an egg. In addition, you can purify essences together with Mysterious Dragon Spirit's Breath to receive essences of higher quality.

    For example:

    • Hand in 20 Green Dragon Spirit Essences + 1 Mysterious Dragon Spirit's Breath to get 20 Blue Dragon Spirit Essences back.

    Mysterious Dragon Spirit's Breath can be found while farming for the essences and aiding others with their eggs.


    What to do with your Unhatched Dragon Egg

    Firstly you're going to need a nest. You can buy a special crafting recipe called the Green Incubator from the Furniture Merchant in the Sky Islands. After you've crafted the incubator and placed it in your home or apartment, you can begin the incubation process. You can also place multiple incubators at the same time!

    If you don't own a home or apartment, or simply want to incubate more eggs, then you can talk to either the Lair Manager or Amy in the Draconic Sanctuary. They will have their own nest just for you.


    The Incubation Process


    So you've got your Unhatched Dragon Egg and your nest is ready; here's what you do next!

    • Interact with your nest to open the Egg Incubation interface
    • Place the desired Unhatched Dragon Egg into the image of an egg
    • Click on "Start Incubation"
    • You will then be given the option to choose a special attribute for your future dragon
    • The system will tell you what dragons could potentially spawn, along with other information

    This is where things get interesting as you could just leave your egg alone and after a certain amount of time (the time can be found next to the image of the egg in the Egg Incubation interface), the dragon will hatch from the egg and you've got a new buddy for your travels; OR you could improve its stats, the chances of it being a rare, and also decrease the incubation time, and here's how:


    Incubation Nest Method

    If you've opted for the nest in your home method, then you can invite your friends over and they can do the following:

    • Care for a single egg by interacting with the nest
    • Click on the "Group Care" button at the top of the screen to perform a dance which will not only boost the effect of caring, but will also care for all eggs that are within the household or plot at the same time.


    Lair Manager/Amy Method

    If you would rather use the Lair Manager and/or Amy to help you with your hatching, then things are slightly different. You would need to ask to hold your egg by speaking to the Lair Manager or Amy and choosing the correct option; this will cause your character to start carrying your egg. This prevents you from taking any other action until the debuff is removed from yourself. Don't worry, this does not drop the egg or break it in any way.

    Once you have the egg in your hands, ask your friends or anyone else nearby to right-click your character, "View Dragon Egg", and then have them care for it.

    Both of these methods will grant your friend or player a reward for their assistance and they can receive any of the following:

    • Dragon Provisions
    • (Green) Dragon Spirit Essence
    • (Blue) Dragon Spirit Essence
    • (Purple) Dragon Spirit Essence
    • (Pure) Dragon Spirit Essence
    • Mysterious Dragon Spirit's Breath
    • Inferior Dragon Spirit Powder
    • Refined Dragon Spirit Powder
    • Tempered Dragon Spirit Powder
    • Purified Dragon Spirit Powder
    • Green Rarity Remover
    • Blue Rarity Remover
    • Purple Rarity Remover
    • Seal-Breaking Scale Powder

    The effect someone has on an egg when caring for it also differs depending on your relationship status with the player. So non-friends will have a smaller effect on your egg than if a roommate or someone with a high friendship status interacts with it.

    Here are the methods of improving your egg, listed from most to least effective:

    • Cared for by you
    • Cared for by Friendship Level 5 Players + Roommates
    • Cared for by Friendship Level 4 Players
    • Cared for by Friendship Level 3 Players
    • Cared for by Friendship Level 2 Players
    • Cared for by Friendship Level 1 Players
    • Cared for by Non-Friends
    • Left to grow naturally

    These actions benefit the Incubation Time, Attribute Bonus and Special Attribute Bonus of your Unhatched Dragon Egg. So make sure to care for your eggs daily and have roommates or very good friends care for them also to have the biggest impact!

    Please Note: A single Egg cannot be cared for more than once a day by the same account.


    Increasing the chances of hatching a Rare Dragon

    When choosing an Unhatched Dragon Egg, you will be informed of what dragons could hatch from it. Some of the eggs include rare dragons, and if you want to increase your chances of these spawning, then you need to provide some Dragon Spirit Powder.

    There are 6 different types:

    • Inferior Dragon Spirit Powder
    • Refined Dragon Spirit Powder
    • Tempered Dragon Spirit Powder
    • Purified Dragon Spirit Powder
    • Academy Dragon Spirit Powder
    • Fantasy Dragon Spirit Powder
    • Ancient Dragon Spirit Powder

    Each one provides a different percentage, anything from +/-1% to +/-10%.

    You can get Inferior, Refined, Tempered and Purified powders from helping others with their eggs while the Academy, Fantasy and Ancient powders are only obtainable via the Marketplace.


    The Visual Stages of Incubation


    As the hatching day draws nearer, your Unhatched Dragon Egg will start to change its appearance as seen above. When the little guy or gal starts to show their eyes, you know the time is near, so make sure to be around for his or her very first day in Auratia.

    Your egg will also start to move, and by the time it's ready to crack, you should be seeing a considerable amount of shaking going on! *cue Jerry Lee Lewis



    The Dragon Egg Incubation Interface


    • A. This option allows you to finish the incubation process immediately but requires a Marketplace item.
    • B. This option allows you to remove one of the possible dragons from the egg with the use of a Marketplace item.
    • C. This option allows you to add Dragon Spirit Powders to your egg to improve the chances of hatching a Rare Dragon.
    • D. This will allow you to take care of your egg, speeding up the Incubation Time and boosting your future dragon's Attribute and Special Attribute Bonuses.
    • E. This will destroy your egg, so be sure that you want to do so before clicking on this option.
    • F. This option will make your egg either private or public; making it public will allow roommates to care for it.
    • G. This section provides information on the current state of your unhatched egg as well as a progress bar.



    A New Dragon is Born!

    So you've cared for your egg, nurtured it, and even had friends come over and rub your egg for you, but you want to know what happens next.

    Well, that's for you to find out ;)



    Q: Are the Drop Rates of Essences/Eggs affected by Easy and Hard Mode in Dungeons?

    A: No they are not; they have the same drop rates in both modes.


    That's it for the Dragon Hatching System! If you have any further questions, please feel free to make a post here, and we'll do our best to answer them.

    Unfortunately, they are everywhere. Outlaws...

    If you see a player in the game, who is noticed because of inappropriate behavior, you can do something about it. Inappropriate behavior is violation of terms, such as the exploitation of errors, the use of cheats, insulting other players or other violations.

    This behavior is not welcome in the world of Dragon's Prophet. Now it's up to you to keep the atmosphere in the game free of such acts. We need your help for this. You wonder how? - This is precisely the subject of this FAQ.

    Who can I contact if I want to report a violation?

    The whole Dragon's Prophet Team will support you, if you have discovered a violation. Primary contact persons are always the Game Masters, because they are responsible for the care of the players in Dragon's Prophet. But basically each team member is available as a contact for violation reports.

    Even if you can not find a Game Master, which is online, you can send an e-mail to dragonsprophet[at]

    Input of a violation report?

    To report violations easier, we have created a small list, which you can simply copy and paste into your message:

    • Your character name
    • Character name of reported person
    • The concerned server
    • Reason of your message (possibly with reference to the rules)
    • "What happened?"
    • When did the violation took place?
    • Did you already reported this person before?
    • Evidence

    Suitable evidence

    Unedited full screenshots showing the circumstances (no blackening of passages, not cutted chats, no compilations or other changes on the original image). Screenshots suffice as evidence if there is a violation, which not depends on a motion. (Example: Insult)

    Unedited video - or filming (not modified by transitions, without melody lodge, color variations or other effects). To create videos you will need a special video program. Check on the popular search engines for a suitable software. Videos are needed as evidence if there is a violation in which a moving action is in the foreground. (Example: theft of your monsters)

    Note: It is important for us that we have a certain period of time before and after the offense. Often the general view must be considered in order to make a clear decision!

    Why do we need unedited evidence?

    The screenshots and videos serve as "evidence" of a violation of the Dragon's Prophet rules or general business operations (GTC). This can cause to block the participants account on accuse of permission.

    Will you tell me what happened to the player I have reported?

    Unfortunately, we can give no information on the measures of penalties for privacy reasons. The reason for this is that the withdrawal of the use permit (blocking) constitutes an interference with the contractual relationship (right of use) between the "perpetrators" and gamigo. Since this is for any legal claims, we can therefore give no more precise statements.

    How do I know that my report has been received?

    Both, the e-mail support as well as the team members, will send you a message, if the offense has been processed. This will be done by something like:


    Thanks for your report. It has been processed in accordance with our current rules / Conditions of Use. Please understand that we can not give any information about our taken actions due to privacy reasons.

    How to send a screenshot / video?

    There are a few provider, where you can upload a screenshot or video. Please use only those providers where the screenshot / video can also be saved and downloaded by us. We have to archive the submitted evidence for legal reasons.

    Note: We ask you also formally, not to upload these files either on YouTube or on other public platforms that is provided by third parties. The same is right for reported bugs.

    We hope that we can maintain a nice atmosphere in the world of Dragon's Prophet due to your support. Thank you in advance for your support.

    Note: Please understand that we need to check your reports objectively. As an "involved" person the evidence is always clear. Nevertheless, it is so that usually the involved person sees himself always as a victim. But we need to have a general view, because rule violations which appear clearly for a neutral observation, sometimes not have to be so bad as seen.

    Your Dragon's Prophet Team

    Dragon’s Prophet Community Guidelines

    Unite with the Community, Become one with the Dragons

    Welcome to the official Dragon’s Prophet forum!

    Thanks for signing up to be part of the community. Dragon’s Prophet is an MMORPG set in a modern fantasy world inhabited by countless dragons.

    Much like your first steps into the world of Auratia, your first steps on the community forum should be a fantastic experience. The gamigo AG is passionate about Dragon’s Prophet and its community.

    These guidelines are designed to help you get the most out of your time here.

    Dragon’s Prophet is a Community Oriented Game

    • With many opportunities to make new friends, forge alliances and engage in group frontier PvP, Dragon’s Prophet presents the perfect environment to interact with fellow MMORPG players.
    • We expect members of the community to treat each other how they wish to be treated; with kindness and respect.
    • We strive for a sociable and open environment where everybody has the freedom to express their opinion and everybody is treated equally.
    • Social networks, blogs and video platforms are the perfect place to share our enthusiasm for the game. Please do not abuse them.

    We Review Reported Forum Posts

    When a forum post is reported by another user, the gamigo community team will read the post to review whether or not it goes against our Terms of Use. If we remove your post after reviewing it, you should take our warning notification seriously. Please try to see it from the perspective of the Dragon’s Prophet community, and read this forum thread once more if you need to re-familiarize yourself with our community guidelines.

    Simple, Easy to Follow Rules

    • Don’t post abusive content.
    • Everybody hates spam. Please don’t harm the spirit of the community and try to grab attention with pointless or repetitive posts, comments and private messages.
    • gamigo AG believes in free speech and our community team defends the right for everyone to express their opinions. However, hateful or abusive language is never allowed (posts which may attack an individual based on race, gender, age, nationality, disability, religion or sexual orientation/gender identity).
    • We have a zero tolerance approach to invasion of privacy, threats or harassment. If you are caught doing these things you may be permanently banned from the Dragon’s Prophet forums.
    • Please do not break the law applicable in your country of residence under any circumstances. Refer to our Terms of Service if you are in doubt.
    • We won’t accept advertisements by or for other games on the Dragon's Prophet forum.
    • Please do not directly quote or post a screenshot of a support ticket on the forum. To protect privacy, such posts my be subject to removal by the community team.

    Here are some additional guidelines to help you on your Dragon’s Prophet journey:

    • This is your community! Each and every user of Dragon’s Prophet makes the game what it is, so don't be afraid to make new friends, engage on social media and get involved!
    • Express Yourself. We value feedback when it is constructive and respectful. Leave your comments, like your favorite YouTube videos and Facebook posts or even write detailed posts about game mechanics on our forum – there’s lots of ways you can participate.
    • Be responsible for others. Just like the hundreds of types of dragons that roam the lands of Auratia, the Dragon’s Prophet community is a diverse populous with players with all kinds of different interests, characters and backgrounds. Please be responsible for others, support your friends and support your community.
    • Have fun with Dragon’s Prophet. There's a lot of creative people in the community creating fansites, blogs and video content – perhaps it could even be you! Share your brilliance with us and don’t be afraid to reach out for feedback or support.

    Respect the spirit of the dragons, respect the spirit of the community.

    Thanks for reading!

    — The Community Team

    §1 Names

    Abusive, racist, extremist, vulgar, and/or raffish names (e.g. of players, characters, guilds and dragons) or other negative names, are strictly forbidden. Please refrain from creating names with senseless character-constellations.

    If you were asked from a member of the Dragon’s Prophet Team to change your name, you have to change your name.

    §2 Code of Conduct

    Our community is characterized as friendly, so be always friendly and kind to other players. Insulting, threatening and blackmailing other players is forbidden. Please refrain from inappropriate or suggestive remarks.

    If you think a player is not playing fair, please report him to a GameMaster. You have to prove your claim (e.g. screenshot), so that we can better understand what exactly happened. An insult is always something personal and has not always to be a real insult. Please instruct your teammates to be friendly and point out that insulting comments are not allowed.

    The GMs reserve the right to take serious insult claims only, which happen in the game and will sanction them. Other sectors and channels of communication that are not operated by us do not fall into the competence of the Game Masters. Please refrain from so-called denunciation threads on the forum.

    §3 Beginners/Novices

    Please do not make fun of new players and beginners, just because they do not have great experience. Do not mess around with beginners. Everyone has since been a beginner. Help the new players and who knows, maybe you will find new friends for life.

    §4 Pulling/Bullying to death

    Pulling monsters to push them to other players is forbidden.

    §5 In Game Chat

    Please do not spam the chat with your messages. It is not allowed to send a lot of messages in a short distance to the world, regions and local chat. The use of code is only allowed to prettify chat messages. Any misuse is forbidden and will be punished.

    Also it is forbidden, to post links or hints that have nothing to do with Dragon's Prophet, as well as links to other games. It is forbidden to ask for cheats or to ask other players for software to cheat.

    §6 Kill Stealing (KS)

    „First Hit“ is rule. We see kill stealing (ks) as a violation. We do not tolerate such behaviour and punish also massive knock of monsters of other players. The Dragons‘ Prophet team will take action against such behaviour.

    §7 Trade

    The in game trade, between two parties within Dragon’s Prophet, takes part at own risk. We do not refund lost transactions.

    §8 Bugs

    If you find a bug, exploit it and have possibly an advantage, you risk banning of your account. Bugs have to be reported!

    §9 PvP

    It is not allowed to jump to the opponent’s spawn platform on the „Groll Canyon Battlefield“, or to pull out the opponent players out of the spawn platform to kill them directly after spawning.

    It is forbidden to register or participate with several characters in the same period of PvP tournaments. It is not allowed to play against your own twink or twinks of friends or guild members or specially to let someone win a game to gain increase in the ranking.

    If you believe that someone of your co-players is not playing fair, please notify the support. You have to prove your claim (screenshot / video) so that we can understand better what happened.

    §10 Instances

    It is not allowed to use bugs to move through walls, or skills and glitches to reduce the way through dungeons and other shortcuts for instances. It is forbidden to bypass game mechanics. Trespassing of closed areas is not allowed.

    §11 AFK Skilling / Keyjammen

    AFK skilling / gaming / keyjamming is forbidden. AFK skilling means to use a tool (key fixing / sticking / complaining and so on) to skill the own character without being on the computer. Also it is forbidden to perform AFK actions (movements of the character) to gain an advantage and which is repeated several times.

    Only exception is the AFK standing in the circle of eggs to keep his egg intact. Other players can care of your egg, while you are AFK.

    §12 Cheating

    Manipulation of the client is strictly forbidden. The benefits of illegal software (like bots) or scripts which for / during operation(s) is used on Dragon's Prophet, but not from the gamigo AG, is also forbidden. Equally the distribution of such software to other players is forbidden. Who is caught cheating will lose his account.

    §13 Account Data

    Each player has to keep his account data secret. It is not allowed to ask for the account data of other players. The Dragon's Prophet Team will never ask for your account data or your password. In the disclosure of account information there will be no replacement for lost items / characters or accounts.

    §14 Game Masters Help

    Game Masters are not allowed to give other players items, money or anything else. They will not hold anything for you, not help in leveling up and will not spawn any monsters for you. You should not ask Game Masters to trade with you, not invite them into a group or guild or invite to your friends list. Exceptions may be made at an event!

    It is strictly forbidden to disturb a Game Master in the performance of his duties, this includes the attack of a Game Master character. It is forbidden to give intentionally false or misleading information. Direct communication with the Game Masters take place exclusively via in game chat or private message board. It is not allowed for a Game Master to appear in clan-, public-, guilds- or similar- TeamSpeak. Same ruling on other voice or chat programs.

    §15 Assumption of Authority

    Who impersonates as a Game Admin, Game Master, Moderator or an employee of gamigo or Infernum, or who goes online with similar names or other actions, must count with an immediate ban of his account. It is also forbidden to threaten a contact or to claim that one can influence a decision of the Dragon's Prophet Team.

    §16 Measures

    Depending on the severity of the offense following actions will be performed:

    • Friendly Note to follow the rules
    • Warning to follow the rules
    • Banning the account (temporarily)
    • Banning Accounts (permanently)
    • Order to stay away from gamigo

    §16a Special Measures

    If the Dragon's Prophet Team gets a hint for a suspicable offense, the Dragon's Prophet Team reserves the right to temporarily block the account for the duration of the review.

    If a Game Master speaks to you, you have to answer. You have to obey the instructions and decisions of the Dragon's Prophet Team. If a player tries to pass over a decision already taken by a Game Master or Mod, for example by contacting a different Game Master / Host with the same case, this will lead automatically to disqualification (exception: complaints about Game Master / presenters and their approach, are always at to be sent to Game Admin / Community Manager or Support!)

    The Dragon's Prophet Team is there to help you and to make the game more beautiful.

    Violations of these rules will be punished by the Game Master. So please turn to the Game Master, if there is a case of violation.

    Note: Please understand that we need to examine your reports objectively. As the involved "party" the evidence seems always clear. Nevertheless, usually the concerned person sees himself always as a victim. But we have to get a general idea of the situation and check the violation. Sometimes the inspection is clear, but sometimes it is not have to be so bad, as concerned.

    We reserve the right to change these rules, if necessary. Other rules of conduct can be found in the General Terms and Conditions (GTC). These rules do not replace the Terms and Conditions or the Community Guidelines of Dragon’s Prophet, but complement only.

    Your Dragon's Prophet Team













    Random Drop Sets


    Dungeon Sets

    Juno Crystal Gallery


    Accursed Tower


    Palace of Methus


    Dunar Temple


    Shrine of Handras


    Purple Farm Sets

    Wintertide Set


    Inartia Set


    Alentia Set


    Olandra Set


    Porthis Set


    Guide by Yvaine_DE:

    First of all: this post is only a piteous copy of the original - I omitted the exact item names, it would have taken quite a long time to look them up again with an English client. Sorry for that! If you found a set that you want as costume, I would recommend to buy it from the auction house rather than to farm mobs. Unfortunately, the keyword search is buggy so just scroll your way through the armor section in the AH.

    ATTENTION! ~22 MB download required until all pictures are fully loaded

    This is how I structured the sets:

    1) Sets from the Armor Merchant

    - I only listed the first appearance of each set, but some can be bought in later regions and all of them can be random drops, too.

    2) Random Drop Sets

    - everything exept sets from the merchant and from dungeons, note: not in alphabetic order!

    3) Dungeon Sets

    - including weapon skins

    - including the purple farm sets for every zone from Wintertide to Porthis

    4) Purple Farm Sets

    - in every region there's an NPC who offers sets, in return he wants items from dungeons (minimum 3 players)

    - Wintertide: camp at Ironfang Highlands

    - Inartia: Lukara

    - Alentia: Bertolt Town

    - Olandra: Khalon Wharf

    - Porthis: Braen

    As a short overview, check out the list in alphabetical order:

    Sets from the Armor Merchant







    Dear community,

    to start off the weekend, we have prepared a selection of promotional items in the in-game marketplace.

    You will find the following promotions in the in-game marketplace under "Sale":

    • Misty Shroud Blueprint for 3000 instead of 3250 Diamonds
    • Furniture Backpack Expansion for 360 instead of 450 Diamonds
    • Living Room Housing Package for 900 Diamonds
    • Bedroom Housing Package for 1050 Diamonds
    • Bathroom Housing Package for 980 Diamonds
    • Garden Housing Package for 1300 Diamonds
    • Lively Landscape Pool for 350 Diamondss
    • Relaxing Landscape Pool for 180 Diamonds

    The offer is valid until Friday, 18th May, 16:00 CEST.

    Have a nice weekend!

    Your Savage Hunt Team!

    Living Room:




    Lively Landscape Pool:

    Relaxing Landscape Pool:

    Oh god - what a night. (I really were not too late for work today becaus I overslept - no no (shrug) )

    We changed the reward system. It was a really long night and a few of you missed the right time to fill out the form ( or you were a bit too late. )

    The max. count of forms was 14. We decided to reward everybody who stayed awake till the end - 4pm CEST - and filled out the form more than 10 times. So everybody of the following players will get the dragon.

    We have to tell you three special players who stayed awake the whole time AND filled out every form! So they are the only ones, who filled out the form 14 times. Respect. (accepted)

    • Aquatic
    • Razayel
    • Thickegg

    Following players will get the dragon too:

    • Alaylia
    • Ilafe
    • Racmon
    • Gaanzzaalt

    Congratulations. And thanks to everybody for participating and staying awake with us(cute)

    Your dragon will come to you soon.

    Here a few pictures from the little activitys of the night:

    One of the activities were a "little" parkour. The moving plates made it hard for you to reach the end - but it was very funny to watch :D


    We played a bit with a few buffs. My personal favorite is still the purple frog - or what ever it is. Here we had for example styx wings, we were super fast and we transformed into some dragons and monsters (or even companions!)


    And because it looks so funny: here the purple frog!!! (She visited you one time at the egg circle. Best comment: "That was probably too much coffee." Yes - it was.)


    Sure - we did some normal spawn events too where you had to kill the bosses. And we did one or two rounds for the lower levels.

    One time there were an invasion on the sky island - three bosses and many many monsters in a level range from 70 to 120.

    Here we forgot an important thing: Don't do an invasion at 2:30am - most of the osira will sleep at the time. Even if you have bravely run into it (sometimes with the words "THIS IS SPARTA!) i had to help at the end.


    Inartia opens its doors!

    You have been waiting patiently for a long time, now the time has come. Inartia opens its doors for you and with it the way into new adventures.

    As it should be, this also gives you access to four new dungeons, which of course are filled with new Soul Gazes. New dragons are waiting to be found and tamed by you, so set out on a journey and find them.

    If you want to know what awaits you, click here!

    Fast, faster or the "fastest"?

    Of course we have given the experience gains a quick overhaul.

    In the following areas you will now receive more experience points from kills or quests:

    • Korhala
    • Wynnadia
    • Laedis
    • Puretia

    In addition, four of the dungeons have been adjusted:

    • Juno Crystal Gallery
    • Accursed Tower
    • Dunar Temple
    • Ironfang Fortress

    The magic egg circle

    As you could already could see in the last patch there is now a cross-server egg circle. This has been expanded in the last few days and now consists of two platforms. Depending on the demand, we will expand this a bit - so you do not have to cuddle too much (unless you want that.)

    If you have any ideas on how we can improve this feature -> feel free to tell us.

    Short form

    • Inartia published
    • Level Cap 80
    • Lower maps now give more Exp
    • Egg circle is being expanded


    Who falls asleep - loses!

    We planned a little event matching the “Stay awake all night”-Day on the 10th of May.

    How the name of this special day suggests, you're going to have to stay awake all night! More precisely: The night from the 09th to the 10th - the event starts at 18:00 CEST, Wednesday, 9th May and ends on Thursday, 10th May, 16:00 CEST. Your participation was successful when you met the conditions that you can read below.

    How is this working?

    We are hosting this night by doing some events with you and keeping tabs on you.

    Additional to this we will “shout” in different time frames that you have to fill out this (click here!) form. This will happen a few times and after the event we can see in this form, telling us who stayed awake and how many people participated successfully. After we announced that you have to fill out the form, you have 15 minutes to do it.

    You can see following points in the formular:

    • Character Name
    • Server
    • Screenshot

    We think we don’t have to explain you have to fill out the first two steps. In the “Screenshot” section you have to put in an ingame screenshot which you took at the time when we wrote that you have to fill out the form. (You can upload the picture on free sites like e.g. or and so on.) The screenshot has to be unedited and has to show your full ingame screen - otherwise it won’t count.

    When you are on another character during the “form time” than the last time, please still make the screenshot and fill out the character name section with the same character name as before. (Always use the same character name!) If the name in the formular changes while the event is running you won’t count as successful participant.

    Now the most important part for you is as follows:

    The rewards:

    The rewards will be determined by the count of successful participants. So... what’s your reward? Maybe the picture has given it away: we will raffle a specific number of Illusion Nights (Dragon) among all successful participants. This dragon is a special event dragon and is only available on special occasions - so don’t miss your chance!

    The reward scaling will be like this:

    • 10+ Participants: 5x Illusion Night
    • 20+ Participants: 10x Illusion Night
    • 30+ Participants: 15x Illusion Night
    • And so on.

    So take your chance, go to the next supermarket and buy whatever you need to stay awake that time (Don’t give drugs a chance!) and don’t miss out this opportunity for Illusion Night!

    We are looking forward to the night together (isee)

    We are happy to announce the ranking :)

    We noticed that, next time, we should give you more time to prepare your videos - so everybody is able to participate. That we will be a Sticky Note ;)


    The Ranking:

    1. Place: Psychopath
    2. Place: The guild Wolfchant -> Reiko, Didimar, Silvermond, Hosi, Maxentia & Takko
    3. Place: Seelenwolfi

    Congratulation to everybody :)

    The video of the first place will be shared on our facebook page today and your rewards should be in your account storage soon.