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    I didn't play the game til later on and didn't get a chance at buying this item. Please bring back this item.

    This is a game breaking buff a must need.

    Thank you.

    Anyone know what else I can add for drop rate and what furniture I need for max drop rate.

    Dragon = 45% (Missing a 10% intermediate oracle Drop Buff) so 55% on dragon

    Fortune Potion = 100%

    Easter = 20%

    Event = 100%

    Furniture = Treasure Seeker 6% 1HR

    Guild Buff = 9%

    Drink for 1 diamond = 10%

    Christmas Event Buff = 30% (Waiting for it)

    Level 98 Accessories = 50% (Waiting for it)

    Hint: this week you have a huge world-merge first (sheep)

    and right after this you will have the creation festival and the christmas event, so plenty of stuff to do

    I can say this much: no new Zone/Level Cap this year, so expect it in 2019

    Thanks, I figured so, but still was hoping something soon, since a lot of players are quitting or taking break from savage hunt because there is "no content". I leveled every character to 94 and with all Leadis weapon and couple with both (this was weeks ago). I myself .... am waiting. My guild used to be full of people now its pretty much slowly dying.

    Idk, but i know sometimes i have issues before loading my resume on google chrome, but it works on internet explorer on certain websites. I am just glad its working. He also tested everything and use a computer analysis website to make sure nothing wrong /w components and everything is in the 100% green. I love this new computer now. The g-sync and graphics is amazing.

    Yeah at this point, this is not an issue with the game anymore, but with missing administrative rights or some aggressive AV solutions. :(

    Happy to help, but that's beyond us, unfortunately.

    Apparently, my brother fix and build computers.... and for some reason the same link he used in internet explorer works fine but in google chrome it doesn't.

    lmao this computer is just so stupid..... Another problem jumps out of no where

    i believe I can help you fix it. Or at least we can see if it fixes the issue.

    how be great.... as long as i past the loading screen to click start be great. Seems like IT @ gamigo doesn't know how to fix it either....

    This is my issue loads to 15/15 99% and that image pops up. I have latest DirectX 12 new computer tried everything on antivirus.....but to no avail. I never had this issue on my other computer... not sure what is causing this problem.

    I thought I was the only one to get this error. the by pass protection for windows

    Well I give up, going to send this stupid Alienware computer back to its junkyard. I am sticking /w MSI computer, dont know why i listen to others to buy this crappy computer. I would assume since its gaming PC shouldn't block me from using it to play games....rather build my own computer...brought it built so I can use it not figure out how to use it.

    Try to extract it at your User Folder somewhere at „my Documents“.

    Seems like you have problems with Admin Rights and/or UAC.

    And you can solve this by extracting somewhere else and copy/move it after the extraction manually to your Program Files Directory.

    This work but main problem exist still @ 99% it shuts it down and give same error code. I finally did some research and found out that the windows defender in this stupid computer is auto shutting it down. So I go try to fix this problem using internet add it to exclusion. I get another stupid message for a 2k alienware computer its suck so badly.... My MSI window 10 computer doesn't do this kinda junk.

    Any way to bypass this be great... Edit: was trying to access the virus and protection to put SH file in the exclusion....

    Please put some Morgath Invocation Orb Box back in market place (in discount if possible). Also, anyone have tips on how to get to 5 star be greatly appreciated.

    hey its been ages since i played DP and SH looks good so i'm gonna give it a go. I'd love to join you guys ingame for some cool adventures and stuff, so i just look you up ingame with the guild clerk/finder? yes?

    cool, i also have discord [Echo#4918]. i dont rem if discord is a thing or not for sanctuary [been awhile since i last joined ;) ]

    thanks in adv for you time and help :D

    Our Discord is on main page of guild can join our server, and glad to have you on board especially with upcoming updates. We need more players for end game content.

    I think it's a major difference between having all Dragons, because someone farmed "a couple" of hours and someone who just has much money...

    And motivation on actual playtime may go down when there's the question if one should farm for a rare dragon or just wait for the next sale. Rather put out Dragon-Buff-Crystals in the marketplace again, as well as Buff-Potions so the chance of getting a Dragon is higher.

    I agree, I rather farm my dungeons for my own dragons and use soul gaze. I never buy my dragons but since we get it for free anyways from soul gaze. The player who plays will always farm it and the person who pays will never do so. I personally think if they have the money to buy it let them do so, just don't put rare dungeon egg in the egg market(this way they still have to farm it and only buy the one they want or for title). I want this game to stay alive and going and best if both players enjoy it and the development team makes money to support the game further. This will help prevent the people who farm rare for hrs from feeling depress and help publisher make money to support the game.

    My VIP level is level 2 9970/12025, how high does it have to be to get another slot?

    Level 7 for 1 extra slot, leave 8 for another one and so on..., can open the vip login bonus tab from esc menu and click the next arrow to see the benefits of each level. Also, while we on the subject hopefully an administrator can clarify or fix the Level 8 bonus seems the drop bonus is not there.

    the 15% look non specific does it stack /w the 5+10+15% brillance loot?