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We're still looking for German and English GMs / Mods (DP & SH) - so do you want to know more about it? Check the announcement here.
Feel free to contact the team if you have questions about it.
We have some problems with the Data Center - this could curse a few disconnects. Our IT is already working on it, so please stay patient.

    This would be awesome - but its hard to find specific players in arena and if you search on them you can only fight them using the "Challenge by name" marketplace item so unless this system was removed or altered this could be a bit tricky. Still I love the idea.

    This sounds like a fantastic idea and probably one most of us have simply dreamed of since the start of egg circles! Technically it sounds like it should be possible too - as B19 is a sky isle, which means it probably has housing coding and could enable that option somewhere. (I mean, one can hope...)

    Yeah I play mostly SH for now. But now that I have gotten to about the same level I am in DP I will probably go back to DP (My Zios is there <3). Brimstone in Laedis spawns fairly easily and Crimson Blackblood. Also there is Dusktalon in Wintertide on the cliff that's a boss. I'm not sure if they count as rare enough for the rare skills but I thought I would try. I know that Silent Enmity in Laedis does get the rare skills and he spawns the same as those other three so maybe. If not, then I will head to Alentia! Thank you for the tip!

    Brimstone and Crimson Blackblood do count but Dusktalon doesn't so beware (You can tell whether or not a dragon counts as "Rare" by the type of stats it has! Dragons that can go as low as 1x are common dragons and have a tiny/nonexistent chance of having rare skills, "rare" dragons can only go as low as 3x when caught in the wild and have a much bigger chance)!

    Silent Enmity i'm not sure about as I'm not proficient with Aqua Dragons but Brimstone and Crimson Blackblood are definitely safe bets too. (I'm a bit rusty on dragon locations actually. I really need to re-update myself on where everything is e_e)

    Very Helpful! And I found Natural Summon! I found it on Phantom in Deyarka Tunnel. I was actually farming him looking for the cooling impact and instead found Natural Summon, Primitive Dragon Spell, and Dragon Spell Strike. I think if I farm him a little longer I will eventually find cooling impact but I have seen it on rare birbs in my travels too. I like farming him when I need a rare windrider because you get that cut scene if he is there. I just run down and see if i get it and if not run out, reset, and try again.

    If you're having trouble getting Cooling Impact (I was seriously lucky and got it on my FIRST EVER dragon, so I've had it ever since XD) I'd recommend this handsome chap in Alentia:


    He spawns in Bloodstone Stronghold and he has quite a high spawn rate. Plus he looks pretty neat so he's a good birb option too.

    Alternatively if you're on SH, you could get it randomly from any of the birb dragons that drop from Soul Gazes, as they are counted as Rare and have a bigger chance of having Rare skills like that (at least in my experience). However only do this if you can be bothered - I haven't played SH in a while but I'm assuming Soul Gaze rates are still pathetically low.

    I've literally got a Sophani egg on hold, sitting in my bank, being all dusty until we get a better solution. I'm really worried that Gamigo are going to try to sweep this under the rug under the guise of it being a "fair and square" vote even though hordes of us expressed interest in having both B19 and a separate egg circle elsewhere - something I feel like they kinda tried to ignore.

    Please Gamigo think of my Sophani ;-; Don't let us down!

    As the new proud owner of a Brasten Duskreaver I too would like the opportunity to max it out. It seems like not even that long ago the egg circle was full. I'd love to find out that some cross-server egg circle was planned.

    I'd always love to tell someone who is not satisfied with a lucky box that it was broken, or the chances were buggy or wrong...
    But that is not the case here. Gachas are gambling, and some players get it after <10 boxes, some players don't get the main prize after 170 boxes.

    I suppose this falls under the category of "you're not going to like our answer". :(

    Baaaaaaaaaaah! (tableflip) Could you at least consider decreasing the amount of gachas that you put up for sale? I mean I know I can't speak for everyone but I'd definitely buy more dias if I could actually GET the dragon/item I wanted outright.

    ok after more than 9k Diamonds no Phantom Brasten for me ;( very very bad

    Good heavens. Yeah this is proof enough that something needs to change.

    I find it interesting that we're yet to hear a GM response to this topic as well. Makes me think we're not going to like their answer.

    It took Aykalia 63 gachas to get Kaov and I didn't get him in 13 gachas so I think you just got really lucky.

    BLESS YOU CATTY you've hit the nail on the head much better than I ever could have attempted! Also, Quram is the Duskreaver Brasten - the one I'm personally after, but probably won't try to get, because of literally everything you've just said above.

    That's also a good point about being able to preview gacha dragons (IE - You can't). That's something that's always bothered me, but then how would that work for gachas that have more than one dragon? Such as the Ruby gachas? Either way that's definitely something that should be implemented if they're going to start shoving these money hogs down our throats more often.

    PS. Gamigo Marketplace manager person please don't sell Quram until Friday or later ty <3

    Please decrease the amount of gachas you guys are churning out. Here's why:

    - While you guys are still sorting out problems relating to the migration (and that is totally okay), a lot of people might be uncertain of the game's future and position especially when compared to SH. While you do a good job of putting our fears to rest, there will always be players unsure, and they will be unwilling to spend money on a package that won't even give you the top prize (In most cases, a dragon or the highest tier of Morgath Orb). Why would people want to buy a literal lucky dip on a game that many people are currently doubting the future of?

    - I believe you would be more likely to pull in the money of players if you just sold the items or dragons outright because at least then they know what they're getting and they're not having their money tossed around for potentially nothing on a game they currently distrust. If you're looking to achieve some kind of "limited item/dragon" effect, offer a limited number of the item or dragon in question - like what you did with the Brasten horsie. You sold the gachas unlimited and cheaper but offered a limited amount of dragons to outright buy for more dias - this seems like a better approach.

    - Gilded Champion I kind of understand because he really is THE MOST LIMITED YOU GET on this game, but one gacha every day for a week containing the highly sought after other members of the Brasten family? You're just pulling the legs of people who are still willing to put money into this game despite all of its current problems. You should seek to have some alternative, more "guaranteed" options for those players whose money is scarce and could be doubting putting money into the game in its current state.

    Thank you for reading and this has been another marketplace-related post from the Crazy Dragon Lady. (partyparrot)

    Ok so since only the DP side of the forum has a Bug Report subforum and this is an SH issue ill post here.

    I came to collect runes and elements from my book of dragons today and i saw something weird, Firebrand (the rare spawn in Bloodstone Stronghold) has the icon and 3d model of Red Wing in the book of dragons.


    This has been a bug since the DP days in fact i think i remember reporting it like 3 years ago. I hope they fix this, its far too annoying.

    Yeh I was close to buying one of the dragon's for 7k but then migration happened.. rip my 6ksomething rubies

    You'll be able to buy one when the rubies return because their prices got reduced A LOT, I can't remember the exact numbers but they're much cheaper now :D

    Edit: Here's the new prices

    There's one problem with the exp idea though - a majority of dragon killers usually resort to killing dragons because they're ALREADY max level and bored with the game. The exp debuff would have literally no effect on one of the worst demographics of this offence.

    That and there's no way for the AI to know if killing a dragon was a mistake, so the punishment administered would need to be something that the AI could inflict effortlessly and that would actually affect everyone who kills a dragon.

    It could be something like a frozen debuff where you're not allowed to attack ANYTHING - no farming, no being an idiot, no nothing - for an allotted amount of time. AND it's one of those debuffs that doesn't run down when you go offline so you're forced to stay online and serve your punishment.

    I have i7 with ASUS Strix GTX 960, more 16gb ram, and i am lagging like hell in this game! how si this possible? You guys must really ask runwaker to make the optimizations that this game needs, or change in engine to help! This game as so much potential, such a waste to lose it because the development party is too lazy to work!

    Unfortunately people have been saying this exact thing, including the "so much potential" bit and all, and it's been falling on deaf ears pretty much since the days of Closed Beta. I highly doubt that Runewaker are going to suddenly take an interest now, although I wish they would...

    And, another unfortunate thing, is that changing the game's engine would basically require a complete rewrite of the game's coding and functions to fit on a new engine, and while that would help the problem I'm sure, I doubt Runewaker has any incentive at all to do something like this when they won't even look after the game they've got. Props to Gamigo for at least trying to do stuff for us, though.

    YAY!!! Thank you!!!

    Ok I'm going to ask a dumb question so be gentle....I have always played Guardian before and then switched to Ranger cuz I got tired of the knock-backs guards have to deal with. With my Oracle I love it but I'm a complete noob. I'm a noob with Birbs too since I stayed mostly with the physical dragons.

    When you said at the beginning of your Birb guide "aimed exclusively at magical players who use bird mounting to increase their damage output while using God Skills - an overwhelmingly common tactic to the point where some guilds ban it during guild-run events." How do you do that tactic? What do you mean? I play solo alot so I won't be in anyone's way with this.

    It's amazingly simple honestly, but test it on some weaker monsters or a weaker boss to make sure you're doing it right - cast your main God skill or if you have more than one cast two of them simultaneously (for example Amethyst Storm/the shark one, i forgot its name) and then immediately mount your birb - sit and wait and you should see your damage dealt by the God skill(s) increase. If it doesn't go up that much that's because your birb wasn't trained for mounting/isn't trained much at all but you should see it increase even if its just a small margin.

    I'd take a video for you but I'm away from my computer just now and I will be for some time.