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    ok for the first one, there was somewhere a very detailed post on what exactly each dmg type does, i'll try to find that for you (as i myself only know maybe half of it cough)

    But basically the special dmg types dont get affected by your stats but the other way around. So you only can get them by dragon shards or skills or buffs, but they dont only do dmg but also have some other effects (which is explained in the thread i'll search it up) Each respective speacial damage type aslo hase a speacial defense type , while magic damage and physical damage get blocked by magic defense and armor.

    Magic damage and physical damage is your standard damage type, based on your class and which actually is based off your respective stats. (and your weapon)

    The spirit shield is actually "invisible" in number, but you can see it when you look at the icon of a monster, there is a bar next to them that represents their spirit shield. When the shield is down you can then stagger them for a period of time, until the shield recovers again (yes, it doesnt stay down). Now there is difference between normal mobs, which take sometimes only 2-3 hits and the shield is gone, and elites or even boss monsters. Those take way more hits to reduce the spirit shield, and you only have a few seconds of staggering once its down.

    So weither you want to use that skill is up to your playstyle, i myself usually dont look at the spirit shield, you can also kill them with the shield up ^^

    Hope i could help~

    Edit: found the thread, but it was in german. maybe you want to give it a try anyway: Here

    but basically they show how the dmg is calculated on which types. The 2 special effects i remember is Natural Dmg also improving your healing skills (very good for healing oracles) and Dragonspell Dmg having an armor penetration bonus.

    DragonProtector You skipped one so i'm just going to reply to it myself

    Granted, but now your dragon just sleeps the whole time.

    I wish i would have the ravenstorm wings in real life. ^-^

    Granted! good luck finding a door to fit through with those enormous wings. Also they are too small to actually fly...

    I wish i could actually use coffeine to keep me awake XD (Tea doesnt work anymore)

    UPDATE: The Guild is currently inactive since ~march already. I am not part of the guild anymore and the original Leader has not come back to the game so it is practically dead rn.

    i think he was one of the mike sass dragons? if yes he is definitely going to be ingame in the future as 2 of those dragons already got added (Sadras and Skardis)

    I see well thank you for the answers. Is there any plan to fix said amd bug?

    We get a lot more players if said bug was fixed. Like whole engine recode. I know that will take time but it may be worth it if it saves the game and more players join and more money comes in because of it.

    Do you have any idea what a whole engine recode means? XD its literally programming the game anew. thats gonna cost alot and its not worth the effort. Said players can play even with the bugs (i was one of them so i can tell) and it would certainly not bring in any more money, or atleast the amount it would cost. As i said above, don't get your hopes up to ever see a fix to this...

    And to answer the 2nd question: No, the amd graphics bug has not been fixed and probably never will, as the game is simply not programmed for amd. But as said above your ping problem is simply because of you living in the usa ^^

    I doubt they are gonna take out midas moonlight completely as it is a fundamental event to dp but maybe make it a time-limited event, so gathering the dragons their actually feels like effort. But yeah Seamoon and all his siblings should be available from midas moonlight event again

    I don't think either have been added yet, but I'd be happy to design Mirage and Seamoon signature dragons for you to use if you'd like :3

    Both have not been added ingame yet. Mirage is just a white verdant fin model, right? that should be easily done, can do that tomorrow

    No, Tea. And heres how you do it:


    +6. Drink the tea cold

    OR in my case: As i know i'm going to forget the tea anyways, i put the whole tea can into the fridge on purpose, so i can say it was supposed to be ice tea and no one questions my decisions XD

    Lol yeah throw them a cookie in the face XD

    As for Paypal, i use it as my main payment method and literally the moment i click pay and tab back into the game the diamonds are there, so no problems for me there