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    Well that escalated quickly O.o

    I've just read all those posts without having the fury of either sides and what i have to say about it:

    -It doesnt matter weither EU or NA players, Events such as "Brimstone Glow is missing" CAN NOT be held at a resonable time for both because there is always ppl that cant make it at some times... Only solution would be to have such events at 2 times maybe, but thats a different issue,

    -even the to 20 limites preorder seemed to not work out that well, at 20:00 CET only ~7 were left already cause it started few minutes earlier actually ^^ but not regardiing weither you actually got one or not, keep in mind it was a test, neither in DP or SH had such a thing before so of course something would have to go wrong afterall lol no one said you will need to wait years to get one now, wait for more news first please before tearing each others apart...

    -HERE it should already be more than enough to really have a longer timeframe after the notice. 24 h would probably be fair enough for ALL players, but whats done is done, we can only hope for the management to learn from this incident and adjust it next time then, and stop arguing andlessly about stuff that went horribly wrong in the past!


    1) when you right-click a person on "whisper" you immedietly start a conversation with focus on the chat window, i dont see what youre asking for there :D

    2) you just gotta right-click the shard, its not hard, and for other ppl using the shard to continue might apply just as often as having to switch to a different one, either option will leave some players upset ^^

    3+4) both elevators and trains with switches make absolutely NO sense, i get you are trying to have less amount of time for everything but pls think for one sec, do your trains come at the station whenever YOU decide it? or elevators? No they dont. And you have to wait max 30 sec for an elevator, thats not going to kill you, and if you have a problem with them just take a Bird or any other Dragon you love so much that has wings :D

    5) i totally agree, sometimes i do all PEs from start to end and once through my achievements tell me one didnt count, well try to figure out which one of the 12.... So a colour or different mark like your rank you got maybe? would be really helpful

    6) i for one have already the reflex to push B myself everytime, its not har to do it yourself ^^

    and 7) Same as 3,4, think about it, youre sitting on your dragon and crafting stuff? No, just no, that would never work, thats why its good to keep atleast soooome realism with needing to transcribe those recibes while actually standing on the ground, cause riding a dragon also needs some concentration afterall

    I also noticed some things missing from our guild storage that have been put in recently. I am not sure if it was due to this or if perhaps myself or my officer took it out and forgot about it, but I don't think so (Her and myself are the only ones with access.)

    Oh but for that you usually have a log that tells you anything that happened within the storage ^^

    Other question: Ildruin you mentioned theres an item for 295 dias that can replace the gold costs? Would you maybe also tell us what the gold cost for an apartment will be so we can think weither we should buy it or not XD

    Hey there,

    you can only own either a house or an apartment - not both at the same time. You will, however, keep all your furniture and housing items (the house itself) if you switch from one to the other.

    We will whip up an apartment FAQ before they are released :)

    Okay but that means all the gold for the plot will be lost... and i doubt anyone would want to even buy a houseplot now that apartments are released but incase anyone would be interested:

    Its a 300x300 plot on D3, original Price 5.6mil, selling for 3 mil ^^

    Okay i see some very cool newer version of the secret apartment that does cost a bit more.

    Now my question is: If i want to preorder the apartment now will i lose my big house i just saved up for?? Or can i own a house AND apartment?

    The house was really expensive and is used for guild purposes atm, it would be horrible to lose it now because of the apartments and if i decide to sell it the apartment tickets will probably gone until then....

    Also i dont see those tickets anywhere in the marketplace yet O.o

    Whait i'm confused...WHAT RESULTS? The event was Hide and seek and the rewards have been sent to the ppl who found Ildruin on the same day. There was no "winner" so far as i saw it, cause everyone who found Ildruin in the set timeframe got a reward.

    I'm sorry i can only read polish not write but one guild comming to my mind would be "Hussars", try to apply there :) or ask around ingame in the zonechat for any of their members

    try to use that skill on your mage, when you summon that ice rock golem to attack for you while doing guild boss.

    i´m pretty sure you get that achievement whenever you use this skill doing the gb, we had the same

    That would be really weird because the only 1H Mage in the guild (and at the boss at that time) is me, and i dont use the golem O.o

    I agree we need a way to earn slots in game and not just dragon related ones but backpack and or bank ones to. Maybe have it as a dungeon drop after say 10 times or so of running same dungeon on hard mode?

    That would be waaaaay to few. after 10 dungeon runs? Dude i do those in 20 mins in the right dungeon xD But honestly Gamigo already said and CONFIRMED that they are 1. revamping diamond prices and 2. the Ruby and Insignia Marketplace. Now the insignia are something you can earn ingame by doing your daily blue quests, so all of you should just wait for now as they already might be planning to bring those into one of the 2 (which i think might not be too unrealistic)

    Ok but that may be hard as i love to have my dragons with me all time not just for boss fights.

    Well but i already told you ingame thats bullsh*t, if you insist on putting all your points into charisma you can't fight. Thats simply how it is and all your complaints about not being able to run hardmode or getting gear is because of exactly that. So either you change it or you won't be able to play correctly. Thats your only 2 options here....

    Talking about bugged Names i found something earlier:

    The Egg of Uniqueness found in korhala features the Dragon "Dancing Thunder". Now theres something funny about this, cause this here


    are "DANCING rook" and "vibrant THUNDER" and not only do both dragons (for some dumb reason) share the exact same icon, now you give us an egg with a name mixed up of both XD

    Based on Dancing Rook being the Korhala dungeon ancient, it makes sense that he is probably meant, but please fix this confusing thing as soon as possible, cause its probably not clear to newbies and nontheless confusing for veterans ^^

    Oh you had our Guildchat? But this bug is really Weird. but if i remember right i had the same Issue on DP too.

    there i was in Dovahmir and i did read the another guild on the German server as well

    Haha yeah had it for ~1h then got too confused with 2 active guildchats lol and restarted the game, that fixed it. But still veeeery weird

    ~1h ago after killing our guildboss ALL of the present members got this achievement marked as done (see screen below). The weird thing we did kill Abel Tharn (Corzine) as guildboss, no Ice Rock Golem ^^


    anyone know what caused this or weither this is a bug or intended?

    2nd weird thing i had 2 Guilldchats in the sanctuary - after few minutes into the guildboss i had in the normal "guild" chat both chats of Reawakening, and of Blutleute, the Guild i have my Char on the german server in (which is not even the same char), was really confusing O.O

    probably not about the 60 fps more about the laggs as soon as you enter battle. at least that´s what my guild mate has to deal with. even normal auto attacks make him lagg like no other xD

    Yep i have it aswell, normal gameplay is between 60 and 40fps, once a fight starts its anywhere between 20 and 0.2 fps xD there are freezes and extreme lagg but the problem is really just your AMD gpu there. No fix for this apart from switching to Nvidia or getting used to this (which is also doable) ^^

    Thing is never could get blue gear from at due to no one teaming with me for runs. My gear purple from main story line quest. I put my points into char and strength mostly. Guess I should wait till I get lv 60 main quest gear?

    Seriously the wrong attribute points are your problem probably xD cause i've also ran AT solo myself with the purple gear from mainstory to get the blue one afterwards. The gear should be your smallest issue there