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    Yep i have it aswell, normal gameplay is between 60 and 40fps, once a fight starts its anywhere between 20 and 0.2 fps xD there are freezes and extreme lagg but the problem is really just your AMD gpu there. No fix for this apart from switching to Nvidia or getting used to this (which is also doable) ^^

    Yeah my Friend have this Problem too. She can't play her Hunter because of this Problems...

    Oh you had our Guildchat? But this bug is really Weird. but if i remember right i had the same Issue on DP too.

    there i was in Dovahmir and i did read the another guild on the German server as well

    It was meant that the player level and the difference to the dungeon affects the drop chance.

    Lv higher than dungeon: Smaller chance.

    i did read it out so maybe i'm wrong. Ildruin help me.

    I don't get it.

    People want new content. I guess 2 caps in a month or shorter. *sighs* why does this generation forget what "Waiting" means? Do you really want a map what isn't tested? A map full of bugs and not playable? oh truest me. when someone want to tell me how i have to script my game when i'm done with it. I'll simple let them wait. Why should i make the work when i want to make it right and people don't understand it? it makes me sick. learn to wait or go back to shool and learn it there. *rage mode stop*

    You shouldn't try to give " Informations"

    there are not Prooved and ya are wrong.

    if you really want to know more about SH. you should try out my Threads. maybe i translate it to english.

    don't worry about these Dragons. In the Book says: they are Hidden so it's normal that they appear in the Map. so save this spot for later and catch your Imperator but not at Cobaltlightning Spawnday or you would meet 2 Phantom dragons and then it says: Shall we dance~

    it seems you're salty. This Game is still at his Beginning. so why don't you kill it before it can Breath!? You are this Kind of Player who kills the Game. not the people who Hope. With your Lies you scare the new Players so don't Blame Gamigo when this Game dies. You are the only Fault.

    Players like you makes me really sick, they tries something new and what do you? only Crying how it seems. now think about your words and how another people realize it. maybe you see your mistake.

    sorry for my bad english, i'm a bit mad and i'm not good in english but this have to be told.

    Tenkai over and out

    Hello, i'm from the German Server.

    you makes really good work and helps me a lot with it :)

    i do the list for the Dragons in German and it seems i have to look here sometimes to find new dragons.