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    No comment. I was thinking of opening them. NVM on that. Please Fix !!

    Also Fix SHARD Expansions ?! Why did they disapper from market ?! hellooo, its mee. MARIOO.

    Also shard remover , this gonna be unplayable if cant open up our gear. makes farming useless. Please Illdruin. Go make all dragon 100€ each but give that back :(

    EDIT: ?! Why did both 10% loot drops from market disapper ? i wanted to buy them actually :(... please

    second mastery slot was 600 diamonds before i believe

    and yeah like payday and you said.. getting our gear upgraded etc later on in endgame will be hard and expensive.

    Right now it might still work, since we´re low lvl and more after dragons, but later on it might turn into a bigger problem

    ....I just hope you guys adjust the exp rate, killing monsters is not worth anything. At lvl 60 we get 80 exp per kill @ our level, 5 exp if few levels below....

    which is why you grind dungeons and do the pe´s dayly. killing mobs was pretty much worthless from the beginning. it was all about dungeons and pe´s :)

    Just wanted to say : Good job! :thumbup:

    The new marketplace is A LOT better than before and the prices are more than fair.

    I really like that you upgraded the dragon insignia market and we are able to get more dragons in lair and chamber just by grinding daylies :love:

    prices for costumes etc are so cheap, makes me regret buying costumes for original prices xD

    ohne last question: you said you would add the ruby market - you got a date or not yet? :)

    Tbh I don't see what's the issue playing on 60fps....

    probably not about the 60 fps more about the laggs as soon as you enter battle. at least that´s what my guild mate has to deal with. even normal auto attacks make him lagg like no other xD

    The game still lagging on me. I even have over 80 fps and it just drops to like 60 or below when fighting a mob or moving. Does worse when mounted combat. I have an rx 580 8gb card latest drivers and amd 1950x cpu. It becomes unplayable wit this lag on every hit especially in dungeons.

    in another thread they already discussed this. it´s because of the AMD graphic card. this game is created for NVDIVIA

    i don´t know what the result was and even IF there is a fix for this. one of my guild mates has the same problem and wrote Ildruin directly.

    I can let you know what he said as soon as he got word from ildruin

    Thing is never could get blue gear from at due to no one teaming with me for runs. My gear purple from main story line quest. I put my points into char and strength mostly. Guess I should wait till I get lv 60 main quest gear?

    Charisma? oh boi.... pls search for a guide on YouTube how to place your points for your class for a good PvE build

    if we failcapture they will disappear and Sunmoon will spawn later on instead of them on that path.

    on dp eu there was only ONCE a time after failcapture the same dragon reappeared, BUT it was like few minutes before reset and since those dragons are from days ago, there is no way they would spawn again

    and i think so too. we should start early so everyone has a chance to get sunmoon cause sunmoon comes with max stats (for a wild one) and 10 slots

    OMG! I just saw one of those Fuying lvl 60 on Leadis ch 1. Oh, that is so pretty!!!! and work today was all full of disasters and emergencies. I have missed all chances to get one. :( I am so sad right now!

    if you got enough DI and are sure to tame him after we hit him down, whisper me and i´ll help you getting him down ;)

    roughly around 3:30 Sunmoon capped by Psychopath Primal Star route and that fool capped Primal Star like few minutes before he got Sunmoon too xD

    10:35 Sunmoon capped Fungal bugged path