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Thursday is maintenance day (at 10:00 CET)! We are trying to keep it as short as possible.

    Become one with the dragon starting Friday, May 25th

    The third challenge takes you into the fantastic land of Auratia. Become the mightiest Osiran the world has ever seen and tame powerful dragons to make them your eternally loyal partner.

    But sometimes, the world is a simple place. Sometimes, you just need someone to look after the sheep.

    Your challenge:

    • Complete the Quest "Baa Baa Baa".
    • Complete the Quest "Pumpkin Alert".

    Time of the challenge:

    • Start: Friday, May 25th, 00:01 CEST
    • End: Sunday: May 27th, 23:59 CEST

    It is very important that you complete these quests on the same gamigo account that you have used in the first two challenges! If you are already playing Savage Hunt you must also create a new character.

    Feel free to choose whatever server you prefer, our servers are sorted by languages:

    English - Jorbyn

    German - Diwata

    French - Finyol

    You won't need to become the strongest on there is to be able to complete our challenge. The first quest can be solved without any combat whatsoever (and you don't have to leave Helmoth, the starting town). Further along the game, when you first arrive at the Paeon Farm, you find fragments of a mysterious manual. This one requires keen detective senses - allthough the quest that starts the chain ending in "Pumpkin Alert" has some hints for you.

    If you complete our challenge, you will recieve further 1000 points in our G.A.M.E. o.f. t.h.e. W.E.E.K event!

    You can find the download for Savage Hunt right here:

    Download (EN)

    If you have not registered an account, please use the same gamigo account that you have used for the previous games!


    We wish you the best of fun!

    Your Savage Hunt Team

    Dear community,

    to start off the weekend, we have prepared a selection of promotional items in the in-game marketplace.

    You will find the following promotions in the in-game marketplace under "Sale":

    • Daily Quest Reset Ticket 1+2 Pack for 520 instead of 780 Diamonds
    • 10x Dragon Drive Potion for 765 instead of 900 Diamonds
    • Dragon Arena Pack for 500 instead of 745 Diamonds
    • Master Repair Hammer (1 day) for 100 Diamonds (Time starts with purchase)
    • Wholesale on Server Megaphones (Purchase Overview)
    • Wholesale on Laedis Academy Provisions (Purchase Overview)
    • Gender Converter for 195 instead of 899 Diamonds
    • Guild Technology Reset Ticket for 300 instead of 600 Diamonds

    How can i use the wholesale?

    Step 1:


    Step 2:


    Hey everybody,

    as some of you might have noticed, today was not a good for the server. Some of you crashed and as a result, can't log in anymore.

    For everybody involved:

    Please check your Crashreports folder in the game's directory and send me the .zip Archive via Private Message.

    The Brute-Force-Solution:

    Deinstall your game & delete every left over folder, including but not limited to the "dragoon" folder under "My Documents".

    Clean your Registry with a tool like CCleaner.

    Download the Installer and choose a new path to install Savage Hunt to (if it was in /Program Files, try /Games).

    We know that this is not a nice or even acceptable solution for most.

    We will continue to monitor the solution and work together with our IT and the developers to try and find a solution.

    Just my 5 cents:
    I also really like the idea and have always liked the idea of dragons that you get out of different parts.

    If this is implemented or not does not come down to "Does the management tell Runewaker?" but rather "Does the developer decide they want that in their game."
    Our part is to deliver convincing arguments to the management. :)


    Dear gamigo community,

    The second part of the gamigo event "Game of the Week" you will now master in Loong Dragonblood.

    In the time from 18.05.2018 - 20.05.2018 you have to pass the next challenge to get the desired 1000 winning points.

    It is important that you do this with a newly created character on your existing gamigo account.
    Whether you create it on Lushan or Pamir is up to you.

    For every information about the challenge, please visit the Loong Forum.

    Have fun!

    Please note: Loong Dragonblood is not available in English! You can still participate in the event, however.

    Я пытался решить эту проблему в течение 4 дней, я пробовал все. Начиная с запуска от администратора заканчивая полной переустановки

    While I can of course use Google Translator to translate, we do not support Russian. ^^

    You have to remove the folder of the game and it would be best to install the game into a new directory (so if it was C:/Program Files/Savage Hunt it should now be e.g. C:/Games/Savage Hunt).

    Please also make sure that you update your graphic card drivers and have DirectX up-to-date (which it is if you are using Windows 10).


    you could try running the game as Administrator, that sometimes helped in the past.

    This is a very uncommon error, so please give us all the information you can, best would also be a screenshot! :)

    Completely removing the game and installing it from a fresh download will also help with a high probability.


    Check out Fiesta Online from Friday, 11th May to Sunday, 13th May!!!

    Our first Challenge is in the bright, colorful world of anime MMORPG Fiesta Online!

    Plenty of fun and adventures await you after arriving in the sunny continent of Isya, you'll tackle sinister dungeons full of crafty bosses that push your Gaming skills to the limit!

    So let’s begin... It’s time to become a hero and a huge community is already waiting for you to join them!

    Visit Fiesta Online to see the Challenge in full detail:

    Click me!


    Dear Community!

    Who would doubt your commitment to Savage Hunt?
    But do you like discovering new games? New genres? New opportunities?

    We're starting an exciting cross-promotion with some of gamigo's coolest games, so be prepared!

    Do you have what it takes to play five different games on five consecutive weekends, tackle specific challenges and win great prizes?

    Then gather all your friends (and enemies) and discover new worlds together, experience exciting adventures and, most importantly, have lots of fun! The more the merrier, show the other games what it means to be a true Osiran!

    Here you can see the schedule for the different games, so you can download them now to have a head start later:

    To register for the games, you must sign up for each game at with your gamigo account. Please do not create a new gamigo account for each game, otherwise your points can not be added correctly!

    For each game you have to master different challenges while the cross-promo is active.

    For all successfully completed challenges per game, you will receive 1000 points.

    This means that you can collect up to 5000 points in total, which you can exchange at the end of the cross-promo for various great prize packages worth up to 35 euros.

    For which of the 5 games you want to exchange the winning packages is up to you. One thing is certain, the more points you collect, the more fantastic the packages you can get!

    What challenges you face will be announced before the announced game starts. It could be anything, so be prepared!

    Please make sure you:

    • Read and understand the rules of each game.
    • Create the game accounts you need for each game on your gamigo account on which you want to earn your points.
    • Meet the challenges within the give time.
    • Fulfill the challenge only once! You only recieve 1000 points once per challenge and game.

    Have fun gaming!

    Your Savage Hunt Team

    Hey guys,

    just a quick heads up, the VIP system should give out experience points for Diamond purchases, this is a bug!

    You will recieve experience points for every diamond, scaled to the different amounts of diamonds you get here as opposed to Dragon's Prophet, no worries.

    The only thing I probably can't ease your minds about is retroactive experience gain for purchases made before the VIP system went live.

    A more detailed thread will follow with these official statements, in the meantime, feel free to quote this answer.



    Dear community,

    to start off the weekend, we have prepared a selection of promotional items in the in-game marketplace.

    You will find the following promotions in the in-game marketplace under "Sale":

    • Secret Apartment Blueprints for 1100 instead of 1299 Diamonds
    • Elaris the Enchantress Hatchling for 900 instead of 900 Diamonds
    • Academy Dragon Spirit Powder for 65 instead of 129 Diamonds
    • Ancient Dragon Spirit Powder for 65 instead of 129 Diamonds
    • Fantasy Dragon Spirit Powder for 65 instead of 129 Diamonds
    • Dragon Egg Restoration Liquid for 490 instead of 650 Diamonds
    • Mistic Clouds (Dragon Costume) for 250 instead of 399 Diamonds
    • Dragon Essence Extractor for 90 instead of 125 Diamonds

    The offer is valid until Friday, 11th May, 16:00 CEST.

    Have a nice weekend!

    Your Savage Hunt Team!


    VIP System

    You will receive your first login experience of 600 experience points tomorrow. Unfortunately, today will be credited with 0 points should you have already logged in.

    An overview of the VIP system follows.

    Let's get this egg circle started!

    In order to more easily reach the Cross-Dimensional Hyperspace Lair Manager on B19 (this is his official name), a portal has been added to Arteicia. This leads to any sky island. So if you choose B19, you'll be there in no time!

    Very Important Hotfix

    The VIP system is now available! The interface was a bit hasty and has already shown a few texts that you should not have seen yet. This is now fixed by finally turning on the VIP system.

    There are currently 7 achievable levels, 3 more will follow.


    We have made many text adjustments over time, especially with your help here in the forum.

    Yesterday's patch should have presented them to you, but our localization was a bit shy. Therefore, you may now admire the following list:

    (Might not be as impressive as the german version, sorry guys!)

    Localisation Changes:

    • Interface categories
    • Things around NPCs
    • Drachen names
    • Skill names
    • Skill & Item descriptions

    Interface Categories:

    • Artifact Slot = Experience Bauble Slot

    Things around NPCs:

    • Lyree Brotherhood Guild Clerc = Guild Clerc
    • Random Mode = Advanced Mode

    Dragon Names:

    • Twilight Ocean = Nightingale
    • Lunar Eclipse = Night Sky
    • Burnt Shadows = Dark Shadow
    • Elelenedh = Stormseeker
    • Brown Tooth = Fallow Valley Scale
    • Nadricur = Nadricura

    Skill Names:

    • Stasis / Frozen = Deliverance

    Dear players,

    There will be a hotfix maintenance today at 15:00 CEST! We apologize for the circumstances.

    You can find the complete patch notes afterwards in the forum.


    we didn't remove the PvP from B19, it never had PvP enabled.

    If you have a suggestion on where to move the Lair Manager, please feel free to tell us. :) But please be constructive and tell us which sky island you would use - don't just say "there are so many more". A good example are the islands you can see in the map overview. Yes, there are names, but there are no actual islands that we could just open up.

    Grantor, Croydon etc. do not exist as far as we can tell.

    So, if you have any idea on where to put him, let us know, we have thought about this too.

    Please note: There are some localization issues with this patch. The VIP system is not yet available, even though the interface tells you so. We apologize for this issue and would like to announce the possibility of a hotfix maintenance tomorrow, 04.05, at 10:00 CEST.

    Further text changes will also be summarized tomorrow when all the changes are applied correctly.


    Hey folks,

    this week we can finally bring you some small changes again!


    Vibrant Thunder had some issues with his icon. Now he looks like himself again!

    Eggs en masse

    Or rather, not anymore. An exploit regarding Soul Gaze eggs was fixed. No more double eggs! :cursing:

    Cross-Dimensional Hyperspace Egg Care

    You can now find a Lair Manager on the Isle of the Last Embrace. That means that you can establish a cross-server egg circle there!

    This should bring some much anticipated relieve regarding hatching stats.

    Please give us feedback on how this performs especially cross-server wise.