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    Dear community,

    to start off the weekend, we have prepared a selection of promotional items in the in-game marketplace.

    You will find the following promotions in the in-game marketplace under "Special offers":

    • Dragon Drive Potion for 60 instead of 90 Diamonds
    • Sealed Master Repair Hammer (7 Days) for 650 instead of 800 Diamonds
    • Perfect Equip Transmutation for 200 instead of 260 Diamonds
    • Daily Quest Reset Ticket for 230 instead of 260 Diamonds
    • 100x Catalyst for 1250 instead of 1500 Diamonds
    • Advanced Experience Bauble for 525 Diamonds
    • Academy Dragon Soul Crystal for 850 instead of 1000 Diamonds
    • Companion Rune for 30 Diamonds

    The offer is valdi until Friday, 19th January, 16:00 CET.

    Good Hunting!

    Your Savage Hunt Team

    What should be in the marketplace at all times is not up to me or you ^^ I will however speak to the management about it :)
    Yes you read that right, I'm coming over again and no, this time maybe you bring me a coffee hu?

    God I hope they find that funny.

    Drachensplittersockelschlüssel und Drachensplitter extraktor, gab es zuvor beide hier für 400 dias und 90 dias. Vielleicht brauchen wir sie jetzt noch nicht, aber ich würde mir wünschen wenn beide Items dauerhaft im Itemshop erhältlich sind.

    Wenn ich mir jetzt überlege wie viel Dias man bräuchte wenn man ab Winterflut anfangen würde immer sein komplettes EQ zu öffnen dann ist das schon echt übel. Bei 1 hand klassen kann es im schlimmsten Fall zu 27 Sockeln führen. Das ist echt brutal. Würde mich freuen wenn ihr euch das etwas einfallen lassen könnt. Die extraktoren könntet ihr ja wie in DP handhaben. Einen pro monat im Login und 1 pro Monat für X-Anzahl Insignien, weil da könnte man ja mit neuen Set teilen arbeiten. Das öffnen des Sets sieht wieder ganz anders aus :/. Was auch cool wäre. Laufe 100 mal einen Endcontent Dungeon ab lvl 60+ im Wochen achievement = Sockelschlüssel.

    Was ich sagen will. Ohne Schlüssel kein F2P, weil ich sag mal bei 400er splittern mit ca.90Schaden pro, sind das bei 27 Stück ca. 2500 DMG. Was halt gewaltig ist.

    Und aus welchem Grund sind die Masterys um über 60% an Preis gestiegen ?

    First off, please stay with the language of the topic, this is a discussion for everyone.

    Both Dragon Shard Extractors and Dragon Shard Socket Key will very possibly return to the Insignia Shop, as we made it very clear the current iteration is very much a work in progress. Further, the only use for these items in the shop is to send it to someone else. The current management has decided that we want to give this feature a small break - meaning, if the demand is very high for other people to send these interface items as a present, they will probably return to the marketplace. Furthermore, the Kindred Compass also has a rework in the future, meaning that these items could easily also find their way in there.

    Yes, indeed, it would be very expensive to completely unlock every set of equipment while leveling through the upcoming zones. But then again, the whole picture is not yet done, so please be patient while the maths people do their magic (which I assume is also just maths). So, if you are worried about the free-to-play aspect, you should know that it is being heavily worked on ;)

    Regarding your last point. Mastery Pages have gone up, since they are not a returning cost. That's all the insight I really have. There can be sales on them, they could find their way into the upcoming VIP system - and I guess you already know, we are working on it :)

    So please, stay patient and enjoy the ride. Always give feedback, even the smallest one can be helpful. And if you are worried that something will not work out - trust us that we are working on solutions even ahead of time.

    I hope I could ease your mind a bit ;)

    You can find your rewards in your account storage (the glowing letter that you can't miss). Thanks to everybody who participated.
    Obviously we won't post a list of every spender, but be assured: your Wings of Revenge will really make you stand out!

    No comment. I was thinking of opening them. NVM on that. Please Fix !!

    Also Fix SHARD Expansions ?! Why did they disapper from market ?! hellooo, its mee. MARIOO.

    Also shard remover , this gonna be unplayable if cant open up our gear. makes farming useless. Please Illdruin. Go make all dragon 100€ each but give that back :(

    EDIT: ?! Why did both 10% loot drops from market disapper ? i wanted to buy them actually :(... please


    which item exactly are you missing? "Shard Expansion" doesn't click right now, but I'll be happy to request any items that were overlooked :)
    Removing Shards can be done via the Interface in a Shard Anvil (or similar, I forgot the exact ingame name) and does not require an item.
    Shard removal in general got more expensive, since it is seen as a optional service - if you want to switch around your shards all the time without your equipment breaking, you will have to pay the associated price (or commit to always having the shard or always having the equipment). That is the general idea behind it. If you feel this needs a reevaluation, please let me know so I can discuss it here.

    The small loot drops were removed from the marketplace for now - you will see them return alongside the stronger 100% boosts in rotations I assume.

    With superior technology at our hands, we were able to conjure up a preview of what the shop would look like if our translation tool worked today:

    This should give you a general idea of what to expect in the near future.

    Dude, where is my marketplace?

    The ingame marketplace has been completely redesigned. Unnecessary items were removed (so-called interface items), prices were recalculated and are now consistent with each other.

    Many things became cheaper, some became more expensive. Like in real life 😊

    What are all those buttons?

    All the costs achieved through the interface have been completely redesigned. Many will notice that a lot of things have become cheaper, or have more attractive entry-level offers.

    Of course, some costs have gone up here as well, but everything should be fair. A total of over 400 variables were touched. If you find a mistake or a discrepancy, do not hesitate to let us know.

    That leads us to the next point.

    Look mom, I collect shells now!

    The Dragon Insignia Shop has been expanded. Among other things, you can now find extensions that you can freely acquire by playing the game.

    Please note that we currently have technical issues with our translation tool. Japan Packs are placeholder names but show you what they hide inside them.

    This design of the Dragon Insignia Shop is a first step to give you a fair supply of “free” items. We will complete the current offer throughout the day and add new categories in the coming days and weeks.

    The magic crystal ball

    There are still issues that we mentioned in our first announcement, such as the ruby shop ("cashback") and the apartments. If we must set an order, we would say Apartments -> Ruby Shop. Or the other way around.

    Too Long Didn't Read

    • New Marketplace
    • New Interface Costs
    • New Dragon Insignia Shop (Free-2-Play)
    • Translation tool has taken a vacation apparently
    • Coming up next: Ruby Shop, Apartments, etc.

    After we were allowed to read super sweet and incredibly touching love stories, we still had to decide for a couple.

    Before we hold a long speech about it, we would simply like to congratulate the winning couple.

    On Wednesday, 14th February, at 18:00 CET, Mrsshotgun & Shotgun are married by us - we are looking forward to it, hopefully you are as well.

    To really make it the wedding of your dreams, please contact me with special wishes, if you have any.

    With that I mean:

    • Do you have a desired location?
    • Should it be a public wedding or by invitation only?
    • Are there special requests for the procedure? Do you really want something or really don’t want something particular?

    And finally: Thanks to all who participated. We feel so warm and fuzzy that we can accommodate all those sweet couples in our game. <3

    Best regards,

    Your Savage Hunt Team

    I vaguely remember changing some longstanding translation issues or hickups, maybe this was one of them? :/

    Let me write that on a sticky note and put in on my desk and totally not forget about it because I am desensitized to the color of sticky notes on my desk. ^^



    Valentine’s Day is right ahead! A day for lovers! But not every Osira finds true love on their first try. That’s why we have the Valentine’s bonus promotion. Treat yourself and your shopping experience will be rewarded on top.

    You will have the opportunity to earn special gifts in this very special Valentine’s promotion. Make Valentine’s a day all about yourself and get the chance to show all couples how nice it can be to enjoy your own freedom with the Wings of Revenge.

    It’s your choice! The more you spend on your shopping trips, the more rewards you can get.

    How does the bonus promotion work?

    Every Diamond purchase you make on the in-game Marketplace during the promotion period counts

    Only purchases on your account for yourself count.

    Presents, under the advanced buy option, or purchases not done via the in-game Marketplace do not count.

    What are the rewards?

    Depending on the amount of Diamonds spend on the Marketplace, you can earn additional rewards with every new step!

    • from 2.000 Diamonds – 3x Daily Quest Reset Ticket
    • from 4.000 Diamonds - 2x Perfect Equip Transmutation
    • from 8.000 Diamonds - 1x Dragon Egg Restoration Liquid, 1x Dragon Lair Expansion Card, 1x Dragon Stable Expansion Card
    • from 13.000 Diamonds – 3x Dragon Chamber Expansion Card, 1x Balge Young , 10x Process Ticket
    • from 20.000 Diamonds – 3x Server Megaphone, 10x Dragon Training Whip, 1x Academy Dragon Soul Crystal, 1x Sealed - Master Repair Hammer (7 days), 1x Wings of Revenge

    All shopping experts will receive their rewards directly to their account storage after the promotion ended.

    Event period: Friday, 9th February 18:00 CET – Thursday, 15th February 23:59 CET.


    Pure romance! Are you looking for a fitting place to schmooze your valentine? With a few candles and our romantic valentine's housing packs your home will be transformed into a lover's den in no time. Pretty costumes, weapon skins and pets can also be found in the marketplace.

    The following offers are now live in the ingame marketplace under "Valentine's Day":

    • Wedding Dress and Smoking
    • Lovely Weapon Skins
    • Romantic Pets
    • Housing Items
    • Fireworks *boom*
    • Wedding Ring
    • Love Declaration - Show your love to the whole server!

    The offer is valid until Thursday, 22nd February, 10:00 CET!



    The day of love is getting closer, you can see hearts and tons of chocolate in the store windows everywhere.

    This year, we want to make Valentine's Day special - you have the opportunity to be married by Catarix and me, everything included.

    The only thing you have to do is send us the most romantic and beautiful wedding application we have ever seen.

    To register, please fill in this form until Sunday, 11th February, 23:59 CET: Wedding Application

    Here is some inspirationwhat you can fill in into this application:

    Your love story:

    • How did you meet?
    • How did you come together?
    • How long have you been together?
    • Who proposed and how?

    Why should we marry you:

    • What makes you the couple of the year?

    Of course, as is customary at weddings, you also get presents; the newlyweds receive their wedding costumes and the engagement ring. In addition we donate some fireworks for the appropriate wedding celebration.

    The wedding will take place on Valentine's Day, so the 14th February. Please plan accordingly. :)

    So what are you waiting for? Take hold of the most important person in your life and seize this opportunity for the Wedding of the Year.

    We look forward to seeing you!

    Your Savage Hunt Team


    The highest available difficulty for a dungeon will always have the highest chance, the lower difficulties will reduce your chance until a certain point (it won't be reduced to, e.g., 0.1% ^^ )for every level you are above the dungeon's level.

    I'm sure certain players will have an educated guess on the percentage in a while :)



    From player level 60:

    When you reach level 60, you will automatically receive another special series of quests. Complete them to unlock your Dragon God Masteries.

    Once again divided by weapon type


    The Dragon God Masteries allow your character to specialize even further. Some of the masteries here build upon your Weapon Masteries.

    You can choose between 2 dragon gods, depending on the type of weapon


    For every weapon type, you have the choice between two dragon gods. Your dragon god determines not only which masteries you can learn, but also your playing style: tank, damage dealer, or healer – choose wisely.

    Note: Many of the masteries shown consume Dragon Soul Points instead of Action Points.

    Once you’ve chosen a dragon god, you’ll have access to one particularly devastating dragon god mastery. Only the strongest Osirans will be able to harness its power!

    Summon a dragon god!