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We're still looking for German and English GMs / Mods (DP & SH) - so do you want to know more about it? Check the announcement here.
Feel free to contact the team if you have questions about it.
We have some problems with the Data Center - this could curse a few disconnects. Our IT is already working on it, so please stay patient.

    Funny thing is, i knew something was going on last night when i said in guild chat that a GM was editing something cause half the server dc'd. :P


    Also i dub the new area the 'Shax Egg Experiment Cave'

    We didn't do anything last night though.
    When was this? We'd like to forward this for investigation to our IT department.

    Cross-server Egg Circle

    Surely you've heard all sorts of discussions about a cross-server egg circle - whether we started a poll or a thread from players - there was plenty of it.

    As promised, we have been looking for a solution to get you PvP on B19 and at the same time have such an egg circle. Unfortunately only B19 is a possibility so a solution had to be found that everyone would be happy with.

    We hope to have found this.

    So, B19 will stay a PvP area, don't worry! However, with one caveat: An area, right at the beginning of the island, has been transformed into a huge mountain cave.

    In this cave PvP is strictly forbidden! Whoever kills another player in this area must fear a punishment in the form of a ban. Is that worth it? It ain't, right?

    But why do we forbid PvP in that area? Well, that's where the cross-server egg circle will be!


    In this cave there are several platforms, on each of them there is a Lair Manager. You can easily get from platform to platform if you stand on the moving plates. That way it does not matter if you already carry an egg and are therefore slowed down or if you can walk normally - you can quickly get to the next level. So you aren't forced to cuddle. ;)

    If it gets too crowded, feel free to let us know, then we'll build new platforms.

    Attention: This is a test run! So we're always grateful for your feedback, what you think about this facility, and of course we're also checking to see if everything works as intended.

    What do I need to do if I got killed?

    Send us a report!

    Be it in the form of a ticket or a private message to a team member, it doesn't matter.

    As with any report, we need proof in the form of a screenshot. You have to see the ENTIRE interface and combat log. On it we must be able to see who killed whom. Only then, we can investigate the message and check it. This is ONLY valid for the egg circle. You must still send in videos for PvP related incidents where we can see what happened.

    Everyone who wants to pet some eggs or needs care for their own is welcome at any time in our egg circle cave! \o/


    unfortunately we do not have an update on the Kindred Compass Status.
    The exploiters have of course been dealt with. We are still not sure how the exploit works, so we have no angle to approach this problem together with Runewaker.

    Boy those are loaded questions. :D

    Gamigo does develop some titles in-house, but we are a publisher first. Publishers aquire the rights to host and market an online game, so a developer studio doesn't have to focus on satisfying international markets. That's the theory.

    If we could aquire a game that we are currently only publishing and develop it ourselves has so many factors in it that I don't have an answer for you.
    Just to compare it, if you are really talented in fantasy writing, you can't just walk up to George R. R. Martin and straight up by the rights to finish A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones for television folks ^^ ).

    Even if you made a good offer, he probably wouldn't want to give it up.

    Allright, I'll give you a public answer then.

    Rules for Dragon’s Prophet

    Please familiarize yourself with the game rules, especially §12a. By creating a game account in our games, you start a contract with us. By violating our in-game rules or Terms of Services, we are authorized to revoke this contract with immediate effect.

    I am sorry to see that you were not aware that you were breaking the rules, but you can not tell me that you have never even heard that Multi Accounting is forbidden.

    By using dozens upon dozens of accounts to care for your incubating eggs, you are effectively bypassing a game mechanic that requires cooperation and effort. This is a clear violation of our rules and will not be tolerated.

    I hope I could make clear why a ban regarding Multi Accounting is not a racist act against all Russian players. We do allow most nations on our servers, but we do not have any Russian speaking staff members at gamigo or in our voluntary GM team. That is the only reason why we can't offer support in Russian.

    Now, if you want to discuss your situation specifically, I do recommend opening up a discussion with me in private. I don't see why this is a matter for the public.

    Sorry, we do not have any Russian staff on the team.

    If google helps me out correctly though, you do not want to discuss this here. Please send me a private message if you wish to discuss.

    Dear players,

    sorry to get your hopes up. We know seeing a patch is always exciting.

    This weeks patch only has this one line:

    • Technical improvements to the in-game Marketplace.

    It is as boring as it sounds.

    One part of this might be of interest for you. We have disabled the "Send Gift" function for the Incubator. While this was not an exploit, we feel like you should not be able to get the upper hand over other players by simply paying more. Thus, Incubators are now as they should have been in the first place: truly account-limited.


    on March 3rd 2015, Sitheran and the 105 level cap was announced for Dragon's Prophet.

    Any plans that were already announced that go past Sitheran have since not been commented on. This was in the same time period Infernum Games went belly-up and the previous large team was reduced.

    That's all that is publicly available and we can assure you that we don't know more than that ourselves. :(




    now is the time to stock up on Morgath Invocation Orbs! Increase your chances to improve your gear.

    A Morganith Bundle gives you

    • Morgath Invocation Orb I x5
    • Morgath Invocation Orb II x5
    • Morgath Invocation Orb III x5
    • Morgath Invocation Orb IV x5

    for the price of 1400 Diamonds!

    Last time we checked, Invocation Orbs have a very long shelf life, so don't be afraid to fill your supplies!

    This offer is available until Saturday, 11th August, 23:59 CEST!

    Dear Community,

    Have a look in our marketplace and comb through these deals. That's your chance to stock up on useful items.

    The following offers are available in the in-game marketplace under "Sale":

    • 100x Server Megaphone for 1000 instead of 2000 Diamonds
    • Consumables Gacha for 20 instead of 21 Diamonds
    • Eseriel Frostshadow for 3500 Diamonds
      • Account wide
      • +15% Experience
      • +5% Physical + Magical Damage for 20 seconds
    • Morganith Bundle for 1299 instead of 1400 Diamonds
    • Attribute Transfer Demon Crystal for 30 instead of 60 Diamonds
    • Ravenstorm Wings for 800 Diamonds
    • Garden Housing Package for 599 Diamonds
    • Character Gacha - Wings of Revenge for 100 Diamonds

    The offer is valid until Sunday, 12th August, 23:59 CEST!

    Dear Community,

    even though you will not download a patch, it seems that as of this writing, our cashback currency "Rubies" are working again!

    All Rubies will appear in your currency tab and all purchases will correctly add the appropriate amount of Rubies.

    Please don't panic if your Rubies do not appear after .1 seconds, they have grown a tiny bit slower.

    Our gratitude goes out to not only Runewaker, but also our IT who all have been working non-stop on fixing this post-migration issue.

    That is all for this week's maintenance, but a huge problem solved!

    We are still looking for a solution to be able to patch Dragon's Prophet again.

    We hear your feedback and will definitely bring it up, or rather make it the next main topic of our team meeting.

    The suggestios of cattyandco require changes and patches from Runewaker though, but we will talk about everything that can be changed on our side! :)

    Good heavens. Yeah this is proof enough that something needs to change.

    I find it interesting that we're yet to hear a GM response to this topic as well. Makes me think we're not going to like their answer.

    I'd always love to tell someone who is not satisfied with a lucky box that it was broken, or the chances were buggy or wrong...
    But that is not the case here. Gachas are gambling, and some players get it after <10 boxes, some players don't get the main prize after 170 boxes.

    I suppose this falls under the category of "you're not going to like our answer". :(

    Dear Community,

    Have a look in our marketplace and comb through these deals. That's your chance to stock up on useful items.

    The following offers are available in the in-game marketplace under "Sale":

    • Fiery Phoenix Armor for 1300 Diamonds
    • Fiery Phoenix Wings for 500 Diamonds
    • Academy Skill Crystal for 444 instead of 650 Diamonds
    • 25 xLaedis Academy Provisions for 1750 instead of 2375 Diamonds
    • Misty Shroud Blueprint for 3000 instead of 3250 Diamonds
    • Academy Training Whip for 300 instead of 399 Diamonds
    • 100x Server Megaphone for 600 instead of 1000 Diamonds
    • Dragon Egg Restoration Liquid for 333 instead of 650 Diamonds

    The offer is valid until Sunday, 5th August, 23:59 CEST!