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We're still looking for German and English GMs / Mods (DP & SH) - so do you want to know more about it? Check the announcement here.
Feel free to contact the team if you have questions about it.
We have some problems with the Data Center - this could curse a few disconnects. Our IT is already working on it, so please stay patient.

    Being able to name your pet would be a great idea. I also would like to have some kind of transformation potion, to change a normal pet into a real loot pet, so you don't need that time limited potion stuff.

    Squirrel Love <3

    Well, same here: If it happens by accident, really no problem for me. It already happened to me as well. But if someone does it just 'cause of boredom... (kidding)

    Something like a "curse" would be nice, indeed, but I guess that will change nothing. Those people having fun killing ancients (just because they can), will go on killing them, with or without a debuff.

    Well, I've never had any trouble with paypal as well. The only thing I had back in DP was, that sometimes I needed to change maps to show up. In SH I'll get them immediately after purchase, so far...

    Congratulation to Vithika! And thanks to everyone who took part at the Event. Your homes look all so beautiful, voting was a hard task 😉

    Ok, like promised, here are some screens of my home in DP. To be honest, these screens are the ones with which I took part at the event on the german forum. XD But I'll have a closer look to my other screens soon and maybe add some more details. ;)

    Granted. Now every country in the world has the same timezone, but natures day and night times still remain.

    I wish my mobile operator will become intelligent... 'cause of beeing overwhelmed with trying to solve a problem, which actually is no problem... it's no fun anymore...

    Already did so. ;) I think I'll take part, though I might not have a big chance to win something, when I see your homes. We'll see. But it'll be quite fun, and I'm already so curious about the other competitors. ^^

    Your houses look all so beautiful! Really love it!

    Haven't been online on DP for a while (since SH to be honest), but I think I'll take some screens the next time, to post in here ;)

    Granted! And welcome to the new ice age, where every computer will be frozen to death and no one will be able to play SH or DP.

    I wish I would have more time to play the guitar.