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    Could you give us more information about it, please? What exactly ist not working?

    Are you sure, that you have downloaded the right client?

    Well then you need a programm for editing pictures to reduce the size or you should look for websites which are spezified for optimazing pictures for web. There you can upload your screens and can save them with reduzed file size.

    Ok but this website does not allow sizes of 1mb or more so how do I upload them?

    How do you take your screens? When you take screenshots by pressing print on your Keyboard, they shouldn't be bigger than a few KB. So, it shouldn't make any trouble.

    i mean if they make one server no need for egg circle in b19 better in my opinion i always thought there must be one server since there is no meaning in spliting already small player population:D

    Well, that's right, the circle might move back to Arteicia again ;)

    Time will show, what will happend. :)

    You also had the chance to report forum pages, to be transfered to the new forum... There was enough time to save everything important.

    Personal, I am VERY surprised, that we had so much time after migration. I thought the page would be taken off after one or max. two weeks. That's the normal range for saving a website when it's taken down.

    Sure, the announcement now has been a bit of a sudden, BUT everyone had more than enough time to save everything you want. So there's no need to complain. Really not!

    I've never heard someone use a german expression for it, only the infamous "Red Feet" ^^.

    Ok, thanks Ildruin. Never played Guardian, so I have no idea ^^ just thought that it might have a German expression as well. But then Guardians will know what is meant. ;)

    I have no idea what you are talking about, I am new to savage hunt. Rephrase i have only played savage hunt and level every craft and max every alt, guess because I am new player i dont lose interest like my friends who only log on to lvl. Anyways, can you explain the treasure hunting chest? You can get severite from them? and i only seen the chest a few times in intaria only. And what is Dropset?

    The Treasur Hunt ist not completly available in SH yet. So there's just one you can complete at the moment. You can have an look at the quests needed to be done in your achievement catalogue.

    Updated the German post. Just two things I'm not sure If I got it right:

    1. What do you mean with taunt skill? Google translated taunt with synonyms like mockery, so I've got a dragon skill in my mind now, but I'm not sure... Could you give me an example what skill you mean with that?

    2. Rule no. 9 means: If you leave the isle while fighting, you give up and loose. Right?