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We're still looking for German and English GMs / Mods (DP & SH) - so do you want to know more about it? Check the announcement here.
Feel free to contact the team if you have questions about it.
We have some problems with the Data Center - this could curse a few disconnects. Our IT is already working on it, so please stay patient.

    Regole as a humble PvPer I wouldn't go killing innocent people just for fun. I need to have a reason to kill someone in PvP (they asked to duel, they are a nuisance to what I'm currently doing or they're just idiots trying to farm low levels) I support everything that you said but please don't put all PvPers in the same trash bag that Payday and some others are.. a handful of idiots can make a whole thing look bad without it being actually bad.

    Well Crit is Crit, wether it's damage or chance it doesn't really matter if you're on a Crit build cause you'll already have a large chance of dealing Crit hits and you also should have a decent Crit damage. If you're not on a Crit build then maybe ele damage isn't for you ;D As a piersar guardian I use a lot of nat damage, I only have 3x 600s energy shards on my gear and I can tank anything that is not a oneshot by simply using Divine Spring. The healing power you get from nat damage is absolutely op, I think it's the same for ele and DSD

    you need to run a dungeon several thousands times in order to "find" the "real" drop rate of something, or you need to have a staff member tell you. also the GMs specified there is a single rare dragon among the 5 soulgaze dragons in a dungeon (cold iron is the one from tangaora, i personally invested about 400 runs in order to get him) all 4 others have the same amount of dropping. for example lets say a soulgaze has ~15% chance of drop, then look at the chances of getting any of the "regular" dragons qhich would be ~24.5% and the rare one ~2%. these are random numbers i just pulled off, dont quote me on them. then the egg spawn location is just randomized between a couple set spawning points.

    I don't think people people dropped them yet or they just don't know this thread or the forum exists, I'm gonna be running it quite a few times with my guildies this week so if we get any I'll edit this post

    Yes I know but as a supporter for this game since 2013 open beta I was really hoping this game could be another (wow) mmo. That game been up for like what? 10 years or so. If they shut it down can they least make it single player and give us our character data? I gladly pay $60 for it and have free online play by hosting my own server session like with what ark does.

    Not happening, if DP dies, it dies. Unless someone somehow rips the data and puts it back on its feet (kinda like private servers)

    Ok so since only the DP side of the forum has a Bug Report subforum and this is an SH issue ill post here.

    I came to collect runes and elements from my book of dragons today and i saw something weird, Firebrand (the rare spawn in Bloodstone Stronghold) has the icon and 3d model of Red Wing in the book of dragons.