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    Yes Great work on revamping the prices. I did spend some on main, but now I can spend on my alts (the extra space) is greatly needed....I just hope you guys adjust the exp rate, killing monsters is not worth anything. At lvl 60 we get 80 exp per kill @ our level, 5 exp if few levels below....

    @PEs, @Corzine like I explained in guild chat. Also it's not because you're let's say lvl47(dunno your lvl) that you can't do korhalas PEs as well, you should do PEs until they become too difficult to do or until you don't get exp from them cause they're too high lvl. On dp I remember doing up to late wintertides PEs at about lvl50

    First, unhatched eggs are disgusting. The only non capped dragon's I have are marketplace ones, which have the same set of stats as a capped dragon. I don't even have that many cause I don't run dungeons for gazes. Second, do you know how long it takes to get all your dragon's skills to 10/10 even through lair which gives 2k combat exp for 5h? And when you don't even get 200exp for 3000 mobs slain? It's ridiculous. And if you're like me and got no time to play, then you gotta do things well. Also grinding for gear *is* good otherwise you'd suck at doing anything. And even if on the next patch you get better gear, if you don't have this one you'll have a hard time.

    The best healers are birds and aquas, then if you want the 1h build I'm using I could give it to you, as it works wonders to both solo stuff and be a god in PvP

    I need to farm more than 4x longer now, for leveling up a Dragon Skill with Companion XP / Combat Skill XP as before this Patch.

    because you were actually lvling up dragon skills that way? No wonder you're complaints ING about how much time it's takes to do stuff.. lvl your skills through lair.

    The thing with korhala is: they nerfed the exp rate because we only got 5 extra lvls, BUT, on top of that, you enter the zone 5 lvls above the mobs and quests, so everything you do in the starting area of korhala gets you way less than it normally should

    Thing is never could get blue gear from at due to no one teaming with me for runs. My gear purple from main story line quest. I put my points into char and strength mostly. Guess I should wait till I get lv 60 main quest gear?

    Thats where you f'd up. If you're going one handed, put all your points in strength, if 2h I believe is 2str 1fero you shouldn't care about charisma at all as your gear will provide it all, I think I got 15mins summon on dp and it's all cause of my gear (OFC it's higher lvl but gear will just keep getting better and better)

    i'm a vet player from the orig dp, i just found out this was around. i have a few questions and i was wondering if you could answer them. is the game the same as before before ?? that's all i really need to know. i really loved that game and miss it. where are the game servers i looked everywhere on their website and couldn't find any info about that. let me know and than maybe if your guild isn't full i could pm you in game for an invite. any info you could provide would be awesome

    magic 8 ball:love:

    The servers are in EU, that's pretty much all I can tell you, though I myself play from Canada and have a constant 100ms ping

    Why fix it? Because it's random if you find something? Because you don't get anything you want within 5 minutes? So far I got a Soul Gaze from every Dungeon, some required more than 60 runs to drop another one, but that's just a part of the game.

    High gear repair costs will be fixed, they already announced that coming soon. So far with daily glory runs, there shouldn't be problems with repair fees.

    And why add Balge to another Dungeon? We already have 2 identified egg drop locations, with Korhala out there will be 3. So why adding more? I think Balge should still have his status of "kind of" rare...

    Hes dead set on that idea that balge has a family (mom, dad, ect) for some reason, saying arynas boss is bagles mom even tho multiple people already explained to him that balge only exists cause during the beta people were capping the boss so technically, the boss *is* balge