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    As far as I'm concerned, you can't equip the lvl98 gear right now and furniture doesn't increase your drop rate unless it's like the skull or spine you get from CoP but you need a butt ton of napolite scraps (forgot the actual name) to activate it once in your house

    The dock you're talking about is not in paeon farm,but in Arboran, which is the last and biggest city of Puretia, behind the banks/auction houses there's an elevator, take it then go left and wait for the ship to arrive at the dock ^^ (as for other zones you can visit them all via the big brown chicken in Arteicia, Laedis, as long as you've been in said zone before)

    I think we can bring life to DP again with a bombastic christmas event! :b

    What do you think, support? Dont u want more players and more life again on the game?

    Support doesn't read the forums daily I don't think so.. as for a Christmas event, we get one every year and it's pretty good, not as good as the Halloween one but it's good. It won't bring players back though, not a lot at least.

    Yeah, when RW announced the game, they were planning for it to have a lvl cap of 200 at the very end,and have several maps for PvP. But they kind of dropped the whole DP project 3 years ago so rip that I guess. Also, B19 was *originally* a PvP only island. The egg circle just got put there because it was the easiest way for Gamigo to have a cross server circle without having to sign a bunch more contracts with RW, which can't really communicate well with Gamigo. If you go there at the right times,you'll see a bunch of honorable actual PvPers duelling to try and get better at their classes. The arses that attacked the circle had nothing to do with those guys, I can tell you for sure. The island pretty much is a kind of 1v1 thing, but you don't have to spend hours in queue to enter it. As for grill, the game is so empty its hard to even open it, because you need 10 people in queue for it to open. It is EXTREMELY rare that you will see a 10v10 in Groll nowadays.

    Same here, or when there are the occasional one or two loot groups announced while I am on, I am usually not added. Think this is due to people picking those they are more familiar with. I am not in the loot groups enough for most players op enough to run RG to be familiar with me.... basically boils down to very limited game time.

    I think it's more because the group gets filled immediately, than that they do not want you in. Usually people do not care about who joins loot groups (unless they really hate that one player) cuz all they do is boosting the loot, so anyone will work.

    DragonProtector they got banned most probably because the guy that got attacked sent a screenshot containing his combat log proving that he got attacked. And since GMs are well, GMs, they won't take the time to play as a lawyer for every case like this, they ban on evidence of a crime.

    Troy KILLED Dark Flame 11:49 -6:00GMT

    imo you shouldn't type down the names of people who kill dragons all for the sake of unnecessary drama. Also why emphasize that the dragon got killed? Unless it is a lvl94+ dragon, or the capper has really low DI and is trying again and again (using skills to Regen DS) it can be an accident to kill one

    The old channels 1 and 3 were the same, so there was only two channels in arteicia. In NA there was 4 channels in pretty much every zone, but 1 and 3 were the same and 2 and 4 too