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    Ye that was it, ty. It was showing as a single notification on the SH side that I couldn't find anywhere.. sucks being on mobile, you can't open the tab that shows you all non-read posts

    Anyone else is having a notification for the savage hunt forum that won't go away? (And also the issue with the DP side showing notifications in a weird spot is still present on mobile)

    I know there is another set that drops from the mobs around Dragon Heart Temple - heavy armor - I remember the boots being bright silver, bright silver and white on the bodice and it had a red mini skirt. It was my favorite costume and I farmed a long time for it. I don't remember what the rest looked like and I don't know how the male version looks, but it all had that bright silver trimmings. When I find it again I'll post the pics but maybe someone has seen it.

    could it be the valor set? From cata's post

    An issue in Savage Hunt was also people creating alts to win the tournament on other servers and send all rewards to their main. Something such as letting all 3 servers clash against each other for the #1 spot would be a good countermeasure to that issue as well.

    Ye your on the SH side of the forum but to answer your question I know a single inside of the well in the town full of giants and shax, don't remember how to trigger it tho it has to do with levers lighting some torches and all torches need to be lit

    Ye I can't play atm cuz my PC is fcking broken and I never have time to take it to the store.. kinda been swapping guilds since the start cuz most dovah members didn't like the idea of a 2nd DP but some said they started playing SH

    Yeah I myself feel more "complete" when I'm online, there's just something that kills it for me when I interact with people IRL that's just not there when I'm playing online games. Kinda the reason I work in a stable instead of a McDonald's too

    The button can only be clicked if you have unlocked the first page entirely, as for the thing where you can't buy rows with dias I think it might be a glitch or something cause I unlocked a full page with diamonds only

    My questions are why do you put links in every single post you make and why saying thank you at the end? It makes it look really sketchy, I haven't had the courage of clicking any of the things you link by fear it would actually be a virus instead of something that could fix the problem OP has

    I mean, why would his PC be infected? You don't know how well he takes care of his PC, if he already has antiviruses, how often does he run his antiviruses if he has some, etc. The thing he's having trouble with is downloading the game on his second PC from the website/ zip file, it probably has nothing to do with his first PC.

    if u cant transfare the file from pc to pc how about you upload the all files u miss in the othe pc to ur emaill thin dounload it in ur game folder in the other pc

    tbh if you can get* trough the hassle of compressing the files and then sending them to yourself using a second email address, I think you can simply put the whole DP folder on a USB and transfer the folder to the second PC