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    I hate fighting and or hurting dragons so I of course wanna tame them and see them as good. This game suppose to be about taming and over 600 dragons to tame yet I only see very few species for dragons and mostly 90% remodeled (birds are not dragons so idk why they called dragons.)

    Can you please make some of these boss dragons tamable?


    Some others from NOT and what eer dragons others would like.

    Especially ones from events that we all would love to have.

    1h can deal as much, if not more dmg than 2h if used correctly so if you're looking for massive DMG> 1h

    I will need to think as from original dp my skills were mostly 2 handed so that why i stick to two handed. Since after the change we were forced to choose between 1 or 2 handed.

    I agree we need a way to earn slots in game and not just dragon related ones but backpack and or bank ones to. Maybe have it as a dungeon drop after say 10 times or so of running same dungeon on hard mode?

    The best healers are birds and aquas, then if you want the 1h build I'm using I could give it to you, as it works wonders to both solo stuff and be a god in PvP

    I am aware birds do better. Just not gotten my bird I want yet. I like 2 handed swords cause do not sue shield. Well I just like doing massive damage lol.

    But so did EU.. When infernum owned EU, we had countless free dragons, good contest rewards (like straight up diamonds), even secret apartments and all that shit.

    Look at what happend to both those companies. They went down :/

    True. i do remember the whole change and getting scammed on my $10 starter bundle that had more yet they refused to fix that and made me repay. Plus All those codes and stuff I got from dp just for not being on. Accidentally deleted the character and well lsot all free stuff I got. I do hope in time this returns to dp in sh.

    Well as ayk said, 2str and 1fero. I wouldnt play with it too much if you don't know what youre doing untill you can afford to do so. So restat, level up, get gear and then look at what you possibly need. That is a garantueed working build right there.

    If you dont feel tanky enough, get heal dragons or soulskill heals. It helps tons.

    What the best dragon (4 leg 2 wing) fabled ancient hopefully, to get all these skills on and stuff? I not much of a tank but can always learn to be.

    DP itself wasnt in a good state before they bought SoE though, should be glad that someone like SoE or Daybreak didnt restart Savage Hunt. They wouldnt treat it any different than they did to DP.

    At least in na they had those freebies and events going on. Cheaper stuff as well like $10 for a dragon in mp. Now who knows what will happen as eu one jsut terrible reward system and I hope sh improves better then what dp was.

    It would be interesting :). We can also use line app to.

    Also, you need to understand that this game won't change everything just because you feel uncomfortable with that. Without the right skillsets and attributes every class can have a hard time in DP. In this particular case the main problem is simply you.

    I will try to not do stat in char and put all in str and fero was it? maybe some in focus to.

    Well but i already told you ingame thats bullsh*t, if you insist on putting all your points into charisma you can't fight. Thats simply how it is and all your complaints about not being able to run hardmode or getting gear is because of exactly that. So either you change it or you won't be able to play correctly. Thats your only 2 options here....

    I know, give me time it hard to change in 1 time explanation. I will work on putting my stat in not char.

    Thats where you f'd up. If you're going one handed, put all your points in strength, if 2h I believe is 2str 1fero you shouldn't care about charisma at all as your gear will provide it all, I think I got 15mins summon on dp and it's all cause of my gear (OFC it's higher lvl but gear will just keep getting better and better)

    Ok but that may be hard as i love to have my dragons with me all time not just for boss fights.

    If the company wants to give me a free high end Nividia gpu I will switch but since they all over priced and expensive they will need to be forced to fix this issue.

    Weird thing is on original dp and dp eu never had this issue.

    Actually, i had played dragons prophet under SOE (Or now known as daybreak gaming, or as i like to call, shitstorm games) up until it was discontinued, while i hear there are some changes apparently (don't remember phantom dragons in wynnadia, unless people are talking about the shade of kronos, or a variant of doom dragon i cant remember, which if thats the case, im referring to a tamable breeds, which has a similar design to avian, but a different model and different evolution skills), i desperately wanna see dragons prophet be developed again, but im not sure if that will happen anymore, the EU version has yet to see a proper update in years

    I miss my Recursive nightmare :(

    Ya we all want to see updates

    Sadly, this matter still is like in the beginning. They said they were working on changes coming to the marketplace, but the dimension of these changes or when they'd come is unknown...

    Well there goes my hopes for future of tomorrow lol. Had money saved up for this game to but refuse to spend till prices are better or more given.

    in another thread they already discussed this. it´s because of the AMD graphic card. this game is created for NVDIVIA

    i don´t know what the result was and even IF there is a fix for this. one of my guild mates has the same problem and wrote Ildruin directly.

    I can let you know what he said as soon as he got word from ildruin

    Thank you as I never knew this was the issue and or that was already posted.

    That just not right making game meant for only 1 graphic card.