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    RoM and that other diablo clone that runewaker has (too lazy to google) all use the same engine. i doubt they would sell the development rights to anyone

    Yes I know but as a supporter for this game since 2013 open beta I was really hoping this game could be another (wow) mmo. That game been up for like what? 10 years or so. If they shut it down can they least make it single player and give us our character data? I gladly pay $60 for it and have free online play by hosting my own server session like with what ark does.

    If you really cared about the exploit and wanting to solve it why not just actually put effort into finding the cause and fix it? It been months and we miss it. Sorry if we are mad but I miss the fun of spinning and always failing.

    Thus you give me a funny idea: what about "negative XP" for killing an ancient? 8o

    What about loosing half xp of lv for those who kill more then 1 ancient during a certain period (accidents will be different) But we all know those who purposely do it need to be punished.

    Granted! but the food rots in .5 seconds and you cant afford new ingredients, that means no take-out as well

    I wish work wasnt so demanding (speaking for a vast amount of people here lmao)

    Granted but now you can never work again.

    I wish it was not 90f out.

    Interesting never knew this. Thanks for sharing.

    I noticed this way before merge back when sh first came around and no one ever brought it up. Finally some one brings it up as this is an annoying bug that I like fixed.