[gamigo] The Wild Egg Hunt!

  • easter_2018_1024x512.png

    Dear community,

    with the start of spring the happy and exciting time of Easter has also been heralded and with that, the hunting season of the many colorful Easter eggs! But wait, where are they? The Easter Bunny must have gotten some advice from other foxy animals to improve the hidden locations of the eggs, how cunning!

    Find the hidden Easter Eggs on the gamigo Group websites and forums, gather the links of the eggs and hand in your filled basket [here] to get the chance of a wonderful reward!

    What are the rewards you wonder? How about these!

    1. Big Easterbundle (15€/USD)
    2. Round Easterbundle (10€/USD)
    3. Small Easterbundle (5€/USD)

    Important is, that you hand in all the links you have found, your account name, the game you play, as well as your character name in-game so you will be able to receive something as well.

    In need of some help to find the eggs? Here are some nifty hints for an easy start into the search for the eggs in the respective games that participate!

    Until April 5th 23:59 CET (5:59pm EST) you are able to gather the links in your special basket and can send them to us to participate!

    May you have a hoppingly big amount of luck during your search!

    Your Savage Hunt Team