The Wedding of the Year

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    The day of love is getting closer, you can see hearts and tons of chocolate in the store windows everywhere.

    This year, we want to make Valentine's Day special - you have the opportunity to be married by Catarix and me, everything included.

    The only thing you have to do is send us the most romantic and beautiful wedding application we have ever seen.

    To register, please fill in this form until Sunday, 11th February, 23:59 CET: Wedding Application

    Here is some inspirationwhat you can fill in into this application:

    Your love story:

    • How did you meet?
    • How did you come together?
    • How long have you been together?
    • Who proposed and how?

    Why should we marry you:

    • What makes you the couple of the year?

    Of course, as is customary at weddings, you also get presents; the newlyweds receive their wedding costumes and the engagement ring. In addition we donate some fireworks for the appropriate wedding celebration.

    The wedding will take place on Valentine's Day, so the 14th February. Please plan accordingly. :)

    So what are you waiting for? Take hold of the most important person in your life and seize this opportunity for the Wedding of the Year.

    We look forward to seeing you!

    Your Savage Hunt Team

  • After we were allowed to read super sweet and incredibly touching love stories, we still had to decide for a couple.

    Before we hold a long speech about it, we would simply like to congratulate the winning couple.

    On Wednesday, 14th February, at 18:00 CET, Mrsshotgun & Shotgun are married by us - we are looking forward to it, hopefully you are as well.

    To really make it the wedding of your dreams, please contact me with special wishes, if you have any.

    With that I mean:

    • Do you have a desired location?
    • Should it be a public wedding or by invitation only?
    • Are there special requests for the procedure? Do you really want something or really don’t want something particular?

    And finally: Thanks to all who participated. We feel so warm and fuzzy that we can accommodate all those sweet couples in our game. <3

    Best regards,

    Your Savage Hunt Team