Team Introduction

  • Hey everyone,

    We just noticed that maybe some of you have no clue who we are, because we never introduced ourself.

    Let’s start with me:

    For everyone who doesn’t know it already, I am a trainee at gamigo and now already in my second year of apprenticeship.

    In all this time I was involved in Dragon’s Prophet a lot (and still am!) and am now looking forward to my time in Savage Hunt. My tasks include many different things – but i don’t want to bore you with details :P

    The most important thing is:

    I will be there for you when you have problems or questions. No matter if in-game or in the forum – you can contact me with every problem or question and I hope that I always have the matching answer for you.

    Me as person:

    I live in Germany, speak German and English and that’s why i support both servers (or all 4 ;) )

    Yes (!) I’m a gamer! I have been playing online games for almost 13 years and before that I've spent my time with console games. My personal highlights were classics like Crash Bandicoot & Yu-Gi-Oh for the PS1, Pokemon yellow (PIKACHUU) and (hey – sure) Tetris for Game Boy Advance. And then... I got my first computer (dramatic music).

    If someone is interested in it – here you can find my old DP introduction: http://www.dragonspropheteurop…m/topic/30462-ga-catarix/

    Ok but now it’s time for the next one! If someone still has any questions; feel free to ask me.

  • As Catarix mentioned in the introduction, we did not introduce ourselves here in the forum.

    Those who know us from Dragon's Prophet, well, know us, but for those who do not, here's a little introduction:

    As you probably suspected, I am Ildruin and your community manager. :) I have been responsible for Dragon's Prophet for more than a year now and also for Savage Hunt since launch. For 16 years now I have been playing online games and have been around a lot in general. I am a full-time employee at gamigo - which sets us apart from the other GMs - and take care of your problems or concerns.

    As a Community Manager, my job is to represent you in the office and to be your point of contact and person of trust for all aspects of the game.

    You can always send me a message, no matter what.

    Since I don’t like copy-pasting, I also link to my old thread for anybody who’s interested 😉