Different Servers

  • I`m trying to play with my friend, but we it says there is no such players. We checked, that at the logging to the game, we see diferent names of those 3 avaible servers.

    And here`re my questions:
    1. Is it realy different servers?
    2. How can we play thogether?

  • There are 3 Servers seperated by language: (1.ENG 2.GER 3.FRE ) All located in EU. If you want to play with your friend then you have to be also on the same Server as your friend. However, if you happen to play on a different Server, then the only way to play with other players in different Servers is entering a dungeon with a party or Sky Islands (Cross Server/Housing).

    The "non-exist" message can tell in many ways:

    - Either you or your friend are still doing the tutorial

    - Player is offline

    - Player's character doesn't exist (yet)

    --- Marichu | Lvl.?? | Elaris (ENG) ---




  • Ok...
    1. We`re both on the UE/ENG server, so I understand the diferent names dosen`t mean anything...
    2. If tutorial ends after deafiting the first "fire dragon", then we both finished

    3. Any other ideas?