[Marketplace] New promotions are online! 14.09

It's maintenance day! We are trying to keep it as short as possible.
We're still looking for German and English GMs / Mods (DP & SH) - so do you want to know more about it? Check the announcement here.
Feel free to contact the team if you have questions about it.
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    Dear Community,

    Have a look in our marketplace and comb through these deals. That's your chance to stock up on useful items.

    The following offers are available in the in-game marketplace under "Sale":

    • Intermediate Brilliance of Luck Learning Crystal for 1750 Diamonds
    • Ravenstorm Wings for 450 instead of 500 Diamonds
    • Wedding Ring for 400 Diamonds
    • Fortune Gacha for 500 Diamonds
      • Either 2, 4 or 6 Backpack Expansions for the price of 2!
    • Fortunate Potion (3 days) for 800 instead of 1000 Diamonds
    • Academy Dragon Soul Crystal for 750 instead of 1000 Diamonds
    • Small Experience Bauble for 130 instead of 260 Diamonds
    • Amethyst Dragon Scale Armor Set for 1300 Diamonds

    The offer is valid until Sunday, 16th September, 23:59 CEST!