Kindred Compass Status?

  • Hmmmm , at one point I defended DP against the naysayers. Now, I have no desire to play at all , tho I do come in on ocasion, to put certain dragons in training. As someone mentioned earlier, I have no desire to play a game that is virtually the same as DP tho I did take a toon to lvl 72 then quit cause more i played SH the more I reliazed SH is literally a slap in the face to all of us at DP that supported game with money and lots of sleepless nights trying to get a little stronger. I have been playing DP since Beta on NA version then slowly after A few months break after it closed, I decide to try the EU version Hoping that game would progress past 105. Then here comes the Copy and well lets just say i tryed but decided to give up. toons of mine such as Grandscythex, this one , and a few others I hope will be missed by a few> Ill miss some of you :) I will check on Rare ocassion to see if theres been any updates , otherwise I am GONE. GOODLUCK

  • So only Sh got compass? Why? its the same game same mechanics. If there is an exploit in one, its the same in the other. so if u can give it to SH u can give it to DP as well.
    I so annoyed that nobody cares about Dp even tho they still exploit it to forward Sh. And yes i know that the alternative would have been that no Dp would have existed any more, but then i could just quit for good.
    I love this game and always come back to it but i would never go all the way again in Sh coz it doesn't provide me with something different that Dp(and marketplace dragons for free doesn't cut it for me coz i dont care about those) and its far more expensive so its not worth it to go through all that again.

    I really appreciate that u are "Trying everything in you power" and we get it.

    But its frustrating when even tho we still support this game we dont get real

    compensation in return.

    agree with whatever you said there if no dp i will quit for good aswell.i have no time,patience or money to support copy of dp for what free market dragons?i dont care tbh when i need to pay more for other aspects of game it just not worths.if publishers or developers idk who is responsible from current situation in dp doesnt care about game enough to fix issues and just want to support sh then why dp is still up even?it kills all my desire to invest in game moreX/my main issue isnt no updates anymore i am just upset because we expected something new for long and what they gave us was a copy of game which killed dp even more.i know many dp players feel betrayed not only me.i dont think it is gms fault but it is really frustrating to see game doesnt get enough support anymore because of another(same)game.

  • Sadly yea, Some players (like me) are waiting for so long to get a new content and only thing we got is copy of DP. Also since migration the DP gets killed more and more. No new content, Compass still not active. And i have to agree with people. After DP dies fully there is no meaning to play SH. To me it looks like RUNEWAKER doesnt care anymore, only thing they want is to get at least few more coins from DP before it will die. And also after DP dies SH will be active only until Sitheran than it will slowly start to die too.