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    You're 100% right—I'm simply speaking collectively for the sake of simplicity and should have conveyed as much. That said, I do apologize to you, massakerianer, and all other like-minded PvPers for lumping you into the same group as those who would happily squander their time being rude and cruel to others.

    I fully believe that the vast majority of PvPers—even if they don't like the current situation—wouldn't bother carers or egg holders; many of them probably are or have been holding or caring for eggs themselves and wouldn't want to be treated that way, but even if not they also probably wouldn't do it just because a fair mind would see no challenge or joy in the harassment or slaughter of someone who doesn't stand a chance for one reason or another.

    For all you fair-minded PvPers, may the odds be ever in your favor. (partyparrot)

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  • I was one of the people killed outside the cave the other day as I left and ran to the path of elders. If they will recall - after I was killed - I laughed about it because it was silly of me to 'run' when I could have departed the safety of the cave so many other ways. ^^ I really don't recall flaming you though, although I was pretty adamant about standing with an egg in spite of being attacked a few times the first day or two by random people. If I said anything that provoked you into killing me then I must apologize. I'm happy to see things have calmed down though.

    I have no problems with people who like to pvp. Many of my friends enjoy it. I'm not very good at it (nor am I equipped for it) but that doesn't mean I don't expect others to enjoy DP and play the game in their own way. As long as we remember that there are real people with real lives and real feelings or problems behind these beautiful and handsome toons.

    Thank you again to Catarix and the GM's for coming up with a (temporary) solution for the egg circle cares. I am also pleased at how the community has come together to stop by and care the eggs being held. :):thumbup:

  • Hey everybody

    Stay on topic, stay friendly.

    We can totally understand that some ppl are not happy about the cave on the PvP island - it’s not the best solution - but it’s a solution for right now.

    The beginning was hard with a few players who killed the others inside - this stopped (just some accidents).

    If you don’t want to get killed while leaving the cave: use the quezak gate. Players who kill you outside of the cave don’t break the rules. It’s still a PvP Island and we don’t want to „steal“ more of their territory.

    And guys: you don’t create a better mood when you Name shame the players in the forum. When we see this again ... yeah you know what happens. Even if someone broke a rule: you’re not allowed to post it in the forum. SPECIFICALLY when they didn’t broke a rule!!

    With this words : we deleted some comments.

  • This whole ordeal reminds me of a line from a song named "Garden Party". "Well you Cant please everyone , so you Got to please yourself! " The GMs/CMs should just come up with a solution that they think works best for everyone and we either accept it or Find another Game to play. The Killing of others and Complaining on Forum will Ultimately get you NOWHERE Fast. Peace8o

  • B19 = Egg Cave....please take a few minutes out of your time to care for the eggs on this isle. (PvP is prohibited inside the cave) While it is enabled, all pvp activity in the cave is ban worthy. Recommend that weapons are removed before caring for the eggs.

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  • bonjour

    j'ai encore une fois perdu mon œuf ras le bol j'ai screen mais voilà l'envoyer et que l'on me réponde il ne la pas fait exprès ...... ( 3 coups donnés) je ne suis pas morte , mais cela suffit a enlever l’œuf que je tenais perte de temps donc a quoi bon de continuer a couver si c'est pour foirer son œuf et cela malgres le fait qu'il est très fortement conseillé d'enlever son arme .

  • il ne la pas fait exprès ...... ( 3 coups donnés) je ne suis pas morte ,

    Si tu penses qu'il l'a fait exprès malgré tout, envoie juste les screens.

    Quoi qu'il arrive, aussi imparfait que le cercle des oeufs soit pour le moment et pour des raisons qui m'ont l'air techniques, le cercles des oeufs en B19 reste le mieux que le serveur FR puisse avoir : que tous les serveurs puissent avoir.

    Sur B19 tous les oeufs ont une chances élevées d'arriver à termes. Sur le FR ? 10%

    Have a good game all

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  • exprès ou pas le résultat est le même tu ne couve plus ton œuf !!! donc faut sévir tu arrive tu enlève ton arme plus aucun soucis tu t’entête a la garder risque de ban si tu touche quelqu'un !! c'est pas + difficile que cela car le problème c'est pas le faite d’être tué mais bien de perdre son œuf en étant afk .

  • Yavait le même problème à Atashian en serveur FR (les autres je ne sais pas si ça s'est fait), où des petits malins s'amusaient à aller chercher des graines de plantes du Noyau pour les faire pop au niveau des joueurs afk à Atashian.
    Les problèmes de depop d’œuf sont là et le seront toujours tant que les mentalités n’évolueront pas. De ce fait, nous devons malheureusement faire avec.

    Bien cordialement

    Et bon jeu :)

  • I agree and the B19 egg circle, even with it's unfortunate "accidents" and occasional mischief remains the best possible means for maxing an egg. The only thing that would be better would be if servers merged and then we could all simply return to Arteicia and hold eggs. There is no news of that happening, so I will continue to hold eggs on B19 for now.

    Oh and further proof of how successful the B19 cross server egg cave is - even with some egg drop accidents, I was able to max my green egg containing Pale Blue, an aqua dragon I wanted. Thank you to everyone who stopped by daily and cared, and a special thank you to everyone who grabbed an egg and headed to B19 egg cave. My Pale Blue could not have maxed without each of you.



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  • exprès ou pas le résultat est le même

    Yep le résultat est le même, c'est pourquoi rien ne t’empêche, que le joueur l'ai fait exprès ou non, d'envoyer un screen pour que des mesures soient prises.

    C'est une décision arbitraire des joueurs de ne pas envoyer de screens lorsqu'il y a eu excuse. Techniquement, il faut envoyer les screens, selon les modalités posées par les admins.

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  • For those concerned about accidentally attacking people and making them drop their eggs—or who have done it or know someone who's done it—so far the best solution I've found is to pick a spot(s) on each platform and position myself

    a)just past the edge of the circle of players, and at the same time,
    b) where an accidental attack won't hit someone on another platform.

    By shifting the camera up and down, I can care for most eggs in any given circle without having to reposition (moving the camera to either side will cause you to alter the direction you're facing once you interact with someone else, and since that can end badly I don't recommend it). If I do have to reposition, it's usually only a second time to get two or three more eggs.

    Once you do this a few times, you find it really doesn't consume more than an extra second or two to get in a good spot, which for me is time well spent not frustrating myself or anyone else.

  • Good ideas! Also, I just remove my weapon and put my dragon away before I step off the gate and in the cave.


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